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Mar 30, 2020

Recently, I shared with a large group of agents how to build their YouTube Channel and upload content. I covered how to use a free product like Canva to create YouTube Channel are and Thumbnails for videos and playlists. Watch this video as I take you through the steps of getting started with YouTube in your business.

For more information, or a deeper dive, learn about my coaching opportunities for real estate and small businesses by visiting Red Hawk Coaching, or contact me today at 281-387-7689 or email [email protected]


Onward and Upward,
Coach Jeremy Williams


Posted by: Jeremy Williams, CEO/Owner and Business Coach at Red Hawk Coaching.

Red Hawk Coaching provides one-on-one coaching services for real estate agents and small businesses, and Coach Jeremy Williams also provides group coaching for real estate agents with the desire to close 12 - 24 transactions in the next 12 months. Red Hawk Coaching also provides BROKER/Office Manager coaching for...

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Corona-Less Cruise Aboard the Norwegian Getaway out of New Orleans

Mar 17, 2020

While my blog posts are generally focused on business, every once in awhile, I like to slip in something about my family and travel. Our family loves cruises, and we just got back from a 7-day cruise aboard the Norwegian Getaway out of the port of New Orleans. The 5 and a half hour drive from Houston to New Orleans was well-worth the experience our family had despite the noise around the Corona virus (COVID-19). 

Before I dive into our experience, I would like to thank Chris Grum with Premier Custom Travel for putting together this family cruise including a surprise up an upgrade to The Haven that he kept secret along with my wife and daughter all the way up to the boarding process. They got me good. If you're looking to book travel, you need to connect with Premier Custom Travel.

A Stop of Darrell's on the Way to New Orleans

The road trip from Houston to New Orleans is about 5 and a half hours. One of our friends insisted that the best Po'Boy in Louisiana can be found at ...

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Stop Buying Into the [email protected]#$ of Assessments

Mar 01, 2020

February 25th, 2020
Written By: Coach Jeremy Williams

With several conversations I've had in the last few months with business people, and my own personal experience over the years, I thought I would share my perspective on assessments. I believe if used properly as a tool to create conversation they can be useful, yet to use them as an end-all-be-all for decision making purposes can be quite dangerous. Bottom line, the results of an assessment should not be the box you work and live in. Remember this is someone else telling you what they think of your personality, behavior, etc. without ever having a conversation with you. You know yourself better than an assessment. Simply put, used in this way, they are [email protected]#$%.

You know you. Just do you! Be authentic with yourself, and trust who you were created to be...GREAT and UNIQUELY you.

Onward and Upward,
Coach Jeremy Williams


Posted by: Jeremy Williams, CEO/Owner and Business Coach at Red Hawk Coaching.

Red Hawk Coaching...

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You Better Know Math as a REALTORĀ®

Feb 22, 2020

February 21st, 2020
Written By: Coach Jeremy Williams

It amazes me in conversations when real estate business owners don't know their numbers. Every issue as a real estate business owner can be solved as a real estate problem. The challenge is if you don't know your numbers, you can't solve the equations.

Here are key numbers I would know as a REALTOR®.

  1. Number of Daily Dials/Conversation Attempts
  2. Actual Contacts/Conversations
  3. Number of Leads
  4. Number of Agreements (Buyer Representation Agreements and Listing Agreements)
  5. Number of Contracts
  6. Number of Closing

Now that you know and track the above numbers, they can now paint a story, and they direct you to the activities that must happen to hit your goals.

Math Equation 1

Step 1: The assumption that for every 100 people you ask the real estate question throughout the year (Who do you know that is thinking about buying a home, selling a home, or investing in real estate I can call today?), you should develop 2 leads on...

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Growth-Oriented REALTORSĀ® Descend on Old Republic Title in Kingwood, Texas

Feb 22, 2020

Pictured Left to Right: REALTOR® Booker Terrell of JLA Realty, Branch Manager Tara Anderson of Old Republic Title Kingwood, and Coach Jeremy Williams of Red Hawk Coaching.

February 20th, 2020
Written By: Coach Jeremy Williams

Last Thursday, I had the opportunity to train a group of growth-oriented REALTORS® from various brokerages across the Houston area. The class titled Enhancing Productivity While Getting Your Life Back comes from over 10,000 hours of coaching and training agents realizing a common thread of time management challenges. In this 2 hour class, I provided the group several strategies to overcome the challenges of managing time both in business and life. 

Real estate brokerages represented included:

Texas Trade Days LLC
REALM Real Estate Professionals
Keller Williams Realty Northeast
The Doug Erdy Group
FYI Realty
Artisan Living
Mark Dimas Properties
JLA Realty

In the class, I had the opportunity to share additional systems and tools to enhance the agents'...

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Get More Productive with a Stand Up Desk

Feb 22, 2020

February 19th, 2020
Written By: Coach Jeremy Williams

I have shared with many over the last few months about my health journey, and part of this journey included not sitting down all day at my desk. There are several studies out there that show the detriment to health caused by sitting for hours at a time. Not wanting to be a statistic, I made the decision to get a stand up desk. While the first few days were tough because I was not use to the amount of standing, now it is second nature.

Standing during my video calls and/or phone calls, I notice my energy is much higher, and my clients are noticing too. I've provided Amazon links to purchase the various components of my office setup below. Enjoy the increase of productivity once you too have your setup complete.

Tranzendesk Standing Desk by Stand Steady | 55 inch Crank Adjustable Stand Up Workstation (Black Top/Black Frame)

GORILLA GRIP Original 3/4" Premium Anti-Fatigue Comfort Mat, Phthalate Free, Ships Flat, Ergonomically...

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Quit Listening to the Naysayers

Feb 21, 2020

February 18th, 2020
Written By: Coach Jeremy Williams

As a business owner, have you heard the naysayers that for one reason or another don’t want you to be successful? Sometimes these individuals are outside your circles, yet sometimes it can be a close friend, colleague, or even family.

When I launched my coaching business, I had fellow colleagues that told me I was stupid. I had friends that would say, “You might want to reconsider your decision. It is just going to be too hard to go out on your own.” (Looking back in hindsight, the lesson learned was not everyone is a friend...tough lesson to learn.) Some of the greatest challenges in the early stages was mindset because of all the unsolicited advice from individuals that did not have my interest in mind, and from individuals that clearly did not understand my why.

3 years in, my business is thriving. I am helping more and more real estate agents and small businesses. Dots are connecting, and new and bigger doors...

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Lisa Marie Guzman REALTORĀ® with eXp Realty LLC Hires Coach Jeremy Williams

Feb 21, 2020

February 17th, 2020
Written By: Coach Jeremy Williams

I am honored and excited to announce the opportunity to coach Lisa Marie Guzman, REALTOR® and Team Leader for The Lisa Guzman Group Brokered by EXP Realty based in San Antonio, Texas. If you are buying a home, selling a home, or investing in real estate in the San Antonio area, you would be doing well to connect with Lisa at 210-782-7244 or email [email protected].

More About Lisa Marie Guzman

The Lisa Guzman Group is a full-service real estate team of experts representing clients in buying & selling gorgeous homes in San Antonio & surrounding areas.

Lisa first endeavored into this industry as a full-time real estate assistant at the age of 23. For the past 13 years, Lisa has worked her way through the real estate industry, learning all of the ins and outs, and gaining the skill set needed to ensure her clients always get the best delegation in the process of buying and selling. She has had the...

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Making Healthy Choices in Life Will Directly Impact the Success of Your Business

Feb 13, 2020

February 13th, 2020
Written By: Coach Jeremy Williams

What I’ve realized as I’ve aged (like a fine bourbon) is that working on my health takes more intention. Gone are the days of eating  and not gaining a single lb.

Something I’ve discussed with other coaches and business owners over the years is the imbalance of pouring into others vs taking care of themselves. Travel , fast food , long hours , etc. can become a diversion from health unless you plan and schedule  it. Days turn into weeks, weeks turn into months, and months into years. You wonder how your health has fallen off a cliff.

I want to encourage you, one business owner to another, make health part of your plan. You can only serve others through your business to the extent your health allows you. Making this decision is making a lifestyle change. If you don’t do it for yourself, do it for those that  you.

Today I put in 3.5 miles of cardio and burned over...

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10 Tips to Maximize Your Keller Williams Family Reunion 2020 Experience

Feb 12, 2020
Pictured: Tom Riggins, Jeremy Williams, and Michael Clapp

February 12th, 2020
Written By: Coach Jeremy Williams

While I am no longer licensed at Keller Williams Realty, or for that matter no longer have an active license now that my focus is 100% on coaching up real estate agents and small businesses, I did spend a significant amount of my professional career with Keller Williams Realty. Seeing all my Keller Williams friends and former colleagues posting about KW Family Reunion 2020 in Dallas, Texas starting this Friday, Saturday, February 14th, I thought that sharing how to maximize this event from the perspective of a coach would be of value to those attending this year.

By the way, for those not attending KW Family Reunion, or not affiliated with Keller Williams, these tips will create for you opportunities when attending any large conference or event affiliated with your Brokerage, local MLS, and State and National Conventions.

What is KW Family Reunion?

The name of the event...

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