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Survive, Scale, Soar - The Entrepreneur's Guide to Building the Life and Business You Deserve. 


The Entrepreneur's Guide to Building the Life and Business You Deserve

My goal is for you to take something from this book that can make a difference in your life no matter where you are at in your professional journey. I trust that from the following chapters, and a look into what I believe has contributed to my success, you will find something that will be a jumping point from where you are today to where you want to be both as a business owner, and more importantly, as a person. I will share with you how to get clarity, why it is important not to worry about others, reinforcing the fact that anything takes work, teach you how to fail faster, explain why it is okay to be the turtle, discuss the importance of getting outside your comfort zone, and that growth requires leverage.

In short, if you run a small business, tune into podcasts, or are an entrepreneur who is trying their best to break the seven-figure barrier, you’re in the right spot!

My name is Jeremy Williams, and I’m the owner of Red Hawk Coaching; a company that provides business coaching for small business owners. Whether it is creating efficiencies and maximizing productivity, or developing the mindset of a champion, I customize the coaching experience to the needs and goal of the client. My passion is helping small business owners soar both in business and life.