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An investment in YOU that gets a return

You're not satisfied with your results. It bothers you that others are having success. But worst of all, you know that your not living to your potential as a business owner.

You’ve tried traveling the journey as a real estate agent and business owner alone, you’ve invested or been coerced into expensive training events and listened to the “gurus”, but you just end up getting the same results…

You’re promised mentorship only to find your mentor does not have time for you because they are focused on their own sales business.

You’re doing the same thing over and over, yet not getting the results you desire, and you might just be living out the definition of insanity.

Why would you not want to do better yourself?

Who wants to do enough just to get by, and why would you want to put at risk all the hard work and investment you’ve made in your business?

I get what you might be experiencing because I’ve had conversations with thousands of others that felt the same way. You’re not alone.

It has been those who chose to hire me as their coach that have realized a significant impact in their business results and experienced a real change start to happen.

It may seem hard to believe, yet the results of Red Hawk Coaching clients don’t lie.

Red Hawk Coaching clients are closing over $100 Million in sales annually and growing, teams are being built, and strategic alliances are being made that are changing the trajectory of lives and businesses.

Results and opportunities emerge daily out of those that have made the decision to hire Red Hawk Coaching.

Red Hawk Coaching clients are more confident, more productive, and more intentional in everything they do, and they are living out greater lives and possibilities.

They have no doubt in what they are capable of achieving, and they have greater clarity. Those in the one-on-one coaching program don’t feel unequipped.

Actually, it is quite the opposite!

Red Hawk Coaching clients are the elite in their industries and no longer unheard in the crowded competition. They shine bright, and people choose to hire them because they are the best.

The mindset shift and strategies gained from coaching will change your trajectory.

The only way you get to experience this change is to take action and schedule your FREE Discovery call today.

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What does it mean to S.O.A.R.?

The S.O.A.R. Community is for the individual seeking Success in both life and business, Ownership in all things (no victim mentality allowed here), Attitude of gratitude, and belief in Results that comes from work that is intentional and consistent, congruent, and disciplined. Members of this group are encouraged to share and engage to help all members of the S.O.A.R. Community rise above mediocrity. If this describes you, you're in the right place. Join the movement for entrepreneurs today.


A place of acceptance, the S.O.A.R. community welcomes the hard working entrepreneur.


Stop taking the long road to success, and start working with a coach that will partner with you.


Movement doesn't necessarily mean achievement. Hack your way to success in both business and life.

What's in the Name of Red Hawk Coaching?

Coach Jeremy Williams shares the meaning of the name Red Hawk Coaching. When something has meaning, a story can be told, and a story can move people. Coach Jeremy helps his clients develop and tell their stories which impact and move people.


How can you invest in yourself and your future?

Business Coaching Month-to-Month or Annual Plan

  • 30 Minute Weekly Conversations
  • Business Planning
  • Time Management
  • Accountability
  • S.O.A.R. Membership
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One-on-one business coaching for the real estate agent/broker or small business owner committed to growth both personally and in their business. You can expect a personalized approach to coaching, and not a coaching from a box experience, to overcome the challenges you will face and by partnering together seek breakthroughs and wins. Those stepping into this elite program that is limited to the few will build new habits and be more intentional and consistent in all things both life and business.

Included with the one-on-one coaching, you will have access to The S.O.A.R. Community Membership.

The S.O.A.R. Community Membership Plan

$365 a Year

No Brainer Investment in You

  • Engagement with Success-Focused People
  • Access to Interviews with Small Business Owners Sharing Strategies
  • Business Training
  • Mindset Shifting Videos and Content
  • Updated Weekly with New Content to Help You in Business and Life
  • Live Events and More

The S.O.A.R. Community is for the individual seeking Success in both life and business, Ownership in all things (no victim mentality allowed here), Attitude of gratitude, and belief in Results that comes from work that is intentional and consistent, congruent, and disciplined. Members of this group are encouraged to share and engage to help all members of the S.O.A.R. Community rise above mediocrity. If this describes you, you're in the right place. Join the movement for entrepreneurs today.


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Join a Movement - Together We Achieve More

Are you struggling on the path to success as an entrepreneur? It can be a lonely, relentless journey. Come along side of others that value success and getting better each day. Be part of a movement that focuses on solutions, and does not fall to victim mentality. This group is comprised of victors, and we have a spot waiting for you.


Don't You Want More?

The obvious answer to this question is YES! You might not know the path, or you've not put yourself in an environment with other people that want to be winners at both business and life. This is your opportunity.

The S.O.A.R. Community plays the long game doing the right things day in and day out with intention and consistency. Our community encourages one another, and we focus on building one another up. Together we achieve more. 

Create lifelong friendships and deepen your personal network in our community with individuals that are like-minded and have a desire to live out their best life on the daily. 


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I Know Your Desire is to Get Better

See, I've had that desire boiling in my veins my entire life. Deep inside I knew that I wanted something more, and at times did not clearly see a path in front of me. I've found that common in the conversations over the years with thousands of entrepreneurs.

The challenge is often someone will tell you that you're not capable, or you are not equipped to take on the journey of an entrepreneur. Yet, why are they getting the results? Why are they living a desired lifestyle? Unfortunately many leaders and business owners operate by keeping you in fear instead of shining a light on what you're truly capable of achieving. 

I've been an entrepreneur since birth. My grandparents, my father, and I took the path of entrepreneurship. I realized my potential and income were no longer limited, and I got to keep what I worked hard to achieve. 

Now I coach others how to experience the same. One of the greatest opportunities to have in this world is that of owning a business. I'm ready to walk with you if you're willing to take that walk.

Meet Coach Jeremy

Dr. Tyler Hamel

Jeremy has years of experience helping to build small businesses; getting them on the map and achieving a whole new level of success. He lays out a system to help you meet your goals, a step by step program to create the business of your dreams. Listen to Jeremy, don’t take short cuts, implement his strategies and reap the benefits. I would recommend Jeremy and Red Hawk Coaching to any small business owner, new or seasoned.
Chiropractor, Pinnacle Health and Wellness

Chad Hyams

Jeremy Williams has been coaching agents to success for years. His personal nature allows him to connect with people at a great level and assist them in reaching goals they would never have reached on their own.
CEO and Podcast Co-Host, Ember Seminars and Win Make Give

Rick Raanes

I have been blessed to know Jeremy and his commitment to our business development has been amazing. He has helped many agents build the foundation for their business and assisted with the implementation of the right systems. It is worth the phone call.
Texas RockStar Group, eXp Realty

David Dunlap

Hiring a coach has helped greatly building a lost confidence level up for myself as well as my business.  Hiring Coach Jeremy has restored my faith in greater things and in myself.  If you're looking to make an investment in yourself, and your business, I would highly recommend this man I today call my friend!
eXp Realty

Stephanie Cribbs

I would say the number one benefit that Jeremy has helped me with through business coaching is holding me accountable, while giving me an outside perspective.  As a real estate agent, there comes a point where you hit a ceiling and can no longer grow on your own or if you are growing, you are exhausting other important areas of your life.  Jeremy has shown me how to leverage areas of my business and help me to plant the seeds now for growth in my future.
Southern Style Realty




Ana Sanchez

Since our first call, I knew Jeremy was the coach I would hire. I instantly felt comfortable with him, and that was an important consideration when hiring a coach. We have been together for almost one year together, and we are literally family. 
Our coaching calls go beyond business, he has helped me get through some very difficult times this year, and at the same time helping me maintain and grow a successful business. He has helped me keep my head high, stay focused on my business goals, health goals, and family. Since we met I have had more clarity on how to run my business, create a team, stay focused on what really matters, and best of all hit my goals. Because of my calls, I am way more organized at work and at home. I have seen a huge growth in my sales, income, and my team's overall performance. I am super honored and blessed that Coach Jeremy came into my life when he did. I can't wait to see what our future holds together.
Harmony International Group, Vortex Realty

Carol Trauthwein

Hiring Coach Jeremy has been the single most important business building decision I've made. I've coached with Jeremy since 2018 and with his help and guidance I've been able to double my business and then some. The return on investment you get from coaching with Jeremy is measurable and positive. His knowledge and experience is garnered from the real estate industry, but he has been able to convert that to any small business owner's plan. I recommend Jeremy to all my clients. If you're looking to grow your business I would suggest you give Jeremy a call to explore how he may be able to help you.
Northwoods Transaction Management

Lindsey Smithson

I have known Jeremy in the professional field for ten years. He helped me get my business started when I first got into the real estate field, and he is continuing to impact my career now. In the past year he helped me take my business from 20 closed transactions to 36 closed transactions. I know that if I have a struggle with something Jeremy will help me find the solution until I am satisfied and confident.
If you are looking for a coach who will push you to the next level, Jeremy Williams is the only choice.
Keller Williams Realty Northeast

Bobbie Callahan

As a new Realtor, I knew I wanted to get a coach as many successful realtors around me were being coached. I was super excited to find Jeremy Williams. He helped me to establish systems and organization as well as real world examples I could put to use immediately. One of the main benefits was his ability to help me adjust my mindset and to focus on revenue producing activities that would cause my business to grow. In 5 years I was able to grow a non-existent business to a team of agents selling over 100 homes per year, 33 Million in Volume and a commission of $860,000 in 2018. I attribute much of this success to his coaching and guidance.
Callahan Real Estate Group, Keller Williams Realty Northeast

Jerry Walker

I recently started working with Jeremy Williams of Red Hawk Coaching and our business has already improved by setting a schedule and following it, being more intentional in how we conduct our day to day interactions. Another key component is Jeremy's technology expertise that has been a tremendous benefit to our entire team.
Jerry Walker Team, eXp Realty
Montgomery, Texas

Katherine Mejias

Jeremy helped me as a new agent build my confidence, hold me accountable, and create a business plan. He is supportive and encouraging and has a wealth of knowledge and resources for the real estate profession.
Legacy Homes and Properties
Atascocita, Texas

Craig Covey

Jeremy has been great to work with. There is so much information and helpful tools out there, and Jeremy knows where they are, how to use them, and provide solutions to the problems we all face.
Covey Insurance
Humble, Texas


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