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Are you ready to have a breakthrough in your business? Do you feel yourself wanting to accomplish more, and you don’t know the path to get there? I would like to introduce myself. My name is Jeremy Williams, and I’ve been coaching small business owners for over 9 years. I offer one-on-one coaching through my Inner Circle Coaching Program that is customized to your particular needs. If you’re looking for someone that will deep dive into your particular business needs, and assist you in achieving your goals, connect with me today.

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Take Action

Intending to take action is only that, intention. Learn what it takes to develop powerful habits that will change the direction of your business.

Be a Person of Purpose

Work with purpose seeking a return in all that you do. Life is bigger than the business. Learn how to manage your time to live a BIG life.

Get Results

Your business is not a hobby, and results should be monitored and measured so you can tweak your activities to reach your results.

Coaching Philosophy

Mission: To leave an imprint and make a difference in each person I meet in life. G.R.O.W. Coaching Model

Get intimately connected with your "why" as people choose to do business with you not for what you do, and they do choose why you do it. Unlike many other coaching programs, no agenda is coached here.

Develop powerful habits that top producers live by on a daily basis. While many programs are fixated on mindset, this "how to" coaching approach will net you results faster in your business. Habits = Results

Time bandits exist in all businesses. Learn how to identify a time bandit before you lose precious productivity time. Understand the importance of utilizing a calendar, scripts, and more to get back your time.

Learn proven models and systems to implement in your business. No need to re-create the wheel when others before us have succeeded at a high-level creating a blue print for success. Get results faster.

Understanding that at the end of the day your net is far more important than your volume. No false comfort in this coaching zone. Create a profit and loss statement, and know your numbers. It is only about the net!

Learn the three questions to immediately establish your current reality, and then allows you to quickly form a plan of action to move you towards your personal and financial goals. It's about asking the right questions.

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"Jeremy Williams has been coaching individuals to success for years. His personal nature allows him to connect with people at a great level and assist them in reaching goals they would never have reached on their own."

Chad Hyams, Southeast Regional Director for the United Home Group Powered by Keller Williams Realty

"Jeremy is a servant leader who always comes from contribution. "

Wendy Papasan, REALTOR® Papasan Properties Group Powered by Keller Williams Realty

"Jeremy is very knowledgeable and is a great coach. He has worked with so many agents and helped them achieve their goals. I love hearing his insight and proven strategies. Accountability is key to success and he can help you reach your goals too."

Cathy Heinrich, Business Development First American Title Kingwood and Crosby, Texas

"I have had 2 coaching sessions with Jeremy and I already feel like we have made huge progress. Definitely a great choice I made for my business and looking forward to the rest of the year and watching my business grow."

Beckie Martinez, REALTOR® Keller Williams Realty Northeast

"I am super excited to begin my coaching journey with Jeremy Williams. I am looking forward to taking my business to the next level."

Kristi Hernandez, Senior Loan Officer Mid America Mortgage

"Jeremy is a great coach and he holds me accountable to do the work!! I really appreciate his coaching!!"

Mitiz Davis, REALTOR® - Keller Williams Realty Northeast

"It's important to have someone as your coach that motivates you and helps you achieve the success you deserve! Jeremy really fits the bill. He is informative and encouraging. He gives excellent suggestions for improvement and holds us accountable. Best decision ever to hire Jeremy as our coach."

Carol Bodin, Executive Assistant - Your Texas Connection Powered by Keller Williams Realty Northeast

"It is so important to have a coach to keep you accountable. And it is really helpful to my business to have a coach that keeps you focused and sits down with you to create a plan for your business and life. Plus Jeremy is well versed in how to integrate business with technology and social media. This is a crucial piece for modern business."

Satina Stewart, REALTOR® Keller Williams Realty Northeast

"Jeremy is a great coach! I have learned so much from him! He keeps me accountable and helps me stepping out of my comfort zone, which leads to grow my business."

Daniella Lemmens, REALTOR® - Keller Williams Realty Northeast

"Jeremy holds you accountable to your goals and helps you discover ways to overcome obstacles, which are 80% mental."

Michael Rodriguez, REALTOR® - KW The Woodlands and Magnolia

"Jeremy has been a fantastic coach. He wants you to succeed as an agent and holds you accountable for the goals you set. Having a coach is so important when you are a brand new agent and needing guidance to become successful."

Kristen Alsbrooks, REALTOR® - Keller Williams Realty Northeast

"Jeremy is an excellent communicator, and takes pride in the small details. He truly cares about his customers!"

Tony Whatley, Author, Speaker, Owner of 365 Driven and Owner of Deviate Motoring

"I have been blessed to know Jeremy and his commitment to our business development has been amazing. He has helped many agents build the foundation for their business and assisted with the implementation of the right systems. It is worth the phone call."

Rick Raanes, Mega Agent Team - The Texas RockStar Group Powered by eXp Realty

"Jeremy has an incredible reputation and comes highly qualified as a consultant. He knows how to help you in your business."

Bryant Clark, Real Estate Technology Coach

"Jeremy’s coaching philosophy is very simple and effective. He takes your strengths and makes them expands on them. He takes your weaknesses and makes them stronger. He is a solutions based coach that holds you accountable to your daily success habits. Highly recommend."

Josh Arkless, REALTOR® Keller Williams Realty Northeast

"Thoroughly enjoyed my time in coaching with Jeremy Williams. He helped me with my production, the balancing of my life with my business and with setting up my systems so that I may have a life by design, not by default. I appreciate the optimistic insight that he gave me so I may achieve my goals and become the best I can be."

Colleen Louvier, REALTOR® and Director of Training at Keller Williams Realty Northeast

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You may not be ready for coaching at this time, and that is okay. Join my extended family by completing the form below. I will not spam you (I HATE SPAM too), and I will occasionally send you information about my programs and success strategies you can implement in your business.

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