You Can Do Anything in 5 Short Years

Feb 11, 2020

February 10th, 2020
Written By: Coach Jeremy Williams

I shared this on my personal wall this morning. It was from my FB Memories 5 years ago. This list is an amazing group of business owners and people in general. Some how I slipped into this list contributing to a breakout session at KW Family Reunion for my now coach Chad Hyams.

The reason I share this post is that all these individuals had amazing businesses back then, yet in a short period of 5 years, some of the accomplishments of these individuals are almost unthinkable. Stop and think. You can completely change your ticket in life in 5 short years. Sometimes that is hard to wrap your head around.

Google a few of their names, and you will find some of these are the very top of the entire industry. 5 years, and they are changing what is possible. They are breaking boundaries that once were spoken as impossible. Instead each had a mindset of "I'm Possible".

Where can you be in 5 years? What does it take you accomplishing...

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Jerry Walker REALTORĀ® with eXp Realty LLC Hires Coach Jeremy Williams

Feb 09, 2020

I am honored and excited to announce that Mega Agent and Team Leader, Jerry Walker, REALTOR® affiliated with eXp Realty recently hired me as his Real Estate Coach. Jerry is coming off a really strong 2019 closing over 9 Million in both residential and commercial real estate transactions. I look forward to working with Jerry in the coming months to assist him in securing his personal business goals. 

Do you have a residential or commercial real estate need in the Montgomery County and surrounding areas? Connect with Jerry Walker today at 281-787-0429 or email [email protected].

Begin your real estate search with Jerry Walker today.

About Jerry Walker

Hi I'm Jerry Walker with the Jerry Walker Team Realty Brokered by eXp. We specialize in Residential New Homes, Resales, Acreage, and Commercial Real Estate Sales in Montgomery County and the surrounding area. I am married to Olga, and I have one son, Riley, an 8th grader at Oak Hills Jr. High in Montgomery, Texas.


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Are You Struggling with Feelings of Defeat? Today's a New Day

Feb 07, 2020

February 6th, 2020
Written By: Coach Jeremy Williams

Are you experiencing defeat? Have you had that feeling that the dice just aren’t rolling your way? I know I’ve had this feeling many times over my professional career. The desire to hit it out of the park, crush the goals, and experience that satisfaction of having success can immediately be trampled upon by the world.

Here is the reality. You’re not alone. If you have this feeling, you’re human. One of the greatest challenges I believe in our current time is social media. Everyone only post the things that make them feel or look good. It is fake. Behind those photos and posts are broken people. I know it, and experience it daily in conversations.

You may be thinking...hey, Jeremy, stop being a jerk, you’re raining on my day. No, I don’t want to do that, and I want you to be aware that even those at the top of their game have issues. So how do you get your mindset right around this. How do you...

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How to Create Lists in Facebook

Feb 07, 2020

February 6th, 2020
Written By: Coach Jeremy Williams

I often get asked how I use Facebook to build relationships, and the answer is utilizing lists. In the short video above, I share with you 3 different ways to add 'Friends' to customized list. Once you've built the lists, you can now create conversations and share content with specific people (or you can also exclude). If you're not utilizing lists, I highly recommend learning how this feature can level up your relationships. 

If you're looking for next level strategies on the use of list, get into a coaching relationship with me. I share strategies with my clients through one-on-one and group coaching opportunities. Learn about the different coaching opportunities I offer.

Visit and Subscribe to my YouTube channel for more 'How To' videos to help you in enhancing your business in 2020. (When you subscribe, make sure you click on the bell to be notified when new content is released.)


Posted by: Jeremy Williams,...

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Fierce Conversations with Coach Jeremy Williams

Feb 04, 2020

February 4th, 2020
Written By: Coach Jeremy Williams

Conversation = Relationship

The book I am diving into this month is Fierce Conversations by Susan Scott. I've been fortunate enough over the years to have had the opportunity to take the Fierce Conversations workshop, and to spend a day with Susan Scott. I can tell you that if you want your mind expanded, spend some time with Susan Scott.

What I have gathered over the years is the unfortunate loss of the art of conversation. I see this in the world of business with the inability to solve problems through conversation, our political environment that is divisive, the polarization of online conversation not giving a #$%$ about how others might feel or think (I call this the "only about ME matters" movement), and I even find it in the lives of my children that are being raised in an age that is hyper-focused on achieving likes and comments on their social media posts.

The art of conversation is something I believe we all need to...

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Building a Legacy | A Perspective on the Life of Kobe Bryant

Feb 01, 2020

February 1st, 2020
Written By: Coach Jeremy Williams

I waited a few days before I made the decision to write this blog post knowing there are so many opinions on the life of Kobe Bryant. However you feel about Kobe, undeniably, he had an impact on the game of basketball and the world. He was not the only tragic loss that day, several legacies were cut short including: Gianna Bryant (daughter of Kobe Bryant), John and Keri Altobelli and their daughter Alyssa, Sarah Chester and her daughter Payton Chester, Christina Mauser, and Ara Zobayan. 

The lesson that I took from this tragedy was how our lives can be turned upside down in an instant. The number of lives these individuals touched is unimaginable. Legacies in the process of being built brought to a sudden halt. Not knowing when your number is to be called, have you asked yourself what legacy are you working to build? 

Obviously Kobe had a big platform, yet I don't want you to necessarily think in terms of...

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Old Republic Title Kingwood Hosting Real Estate Coach Jeremy Williams for Training Event

Jan 28, 2020

January 27th, 2020
Written By: Coach Jeremy Williams

Old Republic Title locating in Kingwood, Texas will host Real Estate Coach Jeremy Williams on February 20th, 2020 for a training event titled Enhancing Your Productivity While Getting Your Life Back. The event is scheduled from 9:00 am - 11:00 am. A special thanks to Old Republic Title's Branch Manager and Account Executive Tara Anderson. 

The event is made possible by the following sponsors: Kristi Hernandez of Mid America Mortgage and Melanie Bowels of One Guard Home Warranty. If your a real estate agent living in the Greater Houston, Texas area, and you feel overwhelmed by your schedule as a business owner, this FREE training event is for you.

Register to attend this event today.

Are you a real estate Broker or Office Manager, and you would like to bring Coach Jeremy Williams to your office for a training event? Learn more here


Posted by: Jeremy Williams, CEO/Owner and Business Coach at Red Hawk...

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Coach Jeremy Williams Takes Training Opportunity to Magnolia Texas

Jan 25, 2020

January 24th, 2020
Written By: Coach Jeremy Williams

Today, I had the opportunity to share my new training class Enhancing Productivity While Getting Your Life Back to a group of real estate agents affiliated with eXp Realty LLC in Magnolia, Texas. During the class, I shared tips and strategies with business owners that helped them manage their time at a high level. The class was attended by highly interactive agents ranging from new in the business to one individual with over 30 years of experience. If you're a Broker/Office Manager, and you have an interest in bring this class or others to your office, visit Schedule a Training Class.

A special thanks to Rick Raanes, Owner of the Texas RockStar Group for inviting me out to the Eagles Nest to provide this training opportunity. This event was also made possible by great sponsors including: Sallie Ben Attar with First American Home Warranty and Tim Colson with Supreme Lending.


Posted by: Jeremy Williams, CEO/Owner and...

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Create Your Disney | Build It for Them

Jan 22, 2020

"You don't build it for yourself. You know what people want, and you build it for them." - Walt Disney

I see business owners struggle with the concept that Walt presents in building what people it for them. I believe the struggle is real because our ego can easily get in the way as a business owner. The idea that sometimes we know better. In some cases that may be the true, yet if this was your approach to business 100 percent of the time, I believe as a business owner, you will struggle.

When was the last time you asked how does your business address what the customer wants? Shift your paradigm to focus on addressing a specific need. If your business solves that problem, people will buy your service or product. Do this well, and they keep coming back, or they will send referrals. Build your business to meet them right at their specific need.

Having a customer service based business, I believe and through experience, is when your business is built for them. I...

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Coach Jeremy Williams Invited to the Eagles Nest in Magnolia Texas | eXp Realty Training Event

Jan 19, 2020

January 19th, 2020
Written By: Coach Jeremy Williams

I look forward to meeting with agents affiliated with eXp Realty on Friday at the Eagles Nest in Magnolia, Texas from 10:00 am - 12:00 pm to share my newest class Enhancing Productivity While Getting Your Life Back. I would like to thank Rick Raanes of the Texas RockStar Group for inviting me to provide this training to the agents of eXp Realty.

I believe creating and working your schedule with these strategies are a game changer for real estate agents. Since coaching up agents since 2010, I believe the most challenging aspect of building a successful business, outside of lead generation, is creating and following a schedule.

This training was born out of over 10,000 hours of coaching conversations with a common thread of the desire to have a successful business and living out a great life. Do you feel like your running a business at the expense of your personal relationships? Are you getting the same results in your...

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