Small Business Passion Project Helping To End Human Trafficking with Jess Cushenberry

Small Business Passion Project Helping To End Human Trafficking with Jess Cushenberry | Jeremy Williams Red Hawk Coaching Small Business Coach Survive Scale Soar

A small business like yours can make a difference in our world today. I have the honor and opportunity to interview small business owner Jess Cushenberry, Owner of Visionary Wellness, as she shares her passion project that 100% of the profits go to O.U.R. (Operation Underground Railroad) Rescue to aid those that are caught in human trafficking. Jess is the author of Journal to Wellness which gives you the opportunity to journal what you are grateful for in your life and business, provides inspirational and motivational quotes, and the journal allows you to track those habits most important to you. Purchasing this powerful tool is not only a tool for personal empowerment, and it is an opportunity to impact and change the lives of men, women, and children trapped in the world of human trafficking.



00:00 Introduction

01:21 Meet Jess Cushenberry - Owner of Visionary Wellness

02:34 Jess Shares Why Small Business Owners Should be Concerned About Human Trafficking

05:22 Jess Shares How Her Passion Project Ignited After Being Invited to a O.U.R. (Operation Underground Railroad) Rescue Donor Dinner

07:02 Jess Shares Examples of Human Trafficking in Metro-Atlanta

09:16 Jess Cushenberry Shares Her Personal Story

12:17 Jess Talks About How It's Helping One at a Time - Each Person Matters

16:27 What is the 'Journal to Wellness'

21:00 Where Can You Purchase the 'Journal to Wellness'

22:42 Learn More About the Small Business Coaching Services offered by Red Hawk Coaching

23:55 Jess Cushenberry Shares How She Started Her Business Visionary Wellness

30:46 Jess Shares What You Should Do if You're Ready to Change Your Health in 2024

34:05 How to Connect with Jess Cushenberry

Jeremy Williams, Host of the Survive Scale Soar podcast. For more information about the Host of the show, visit Red Hawk Coaching. Jeremy is the Owner, Founder, and Head Coach at Red Hawk Coaching; a coaching company that provides customized, one-on-one coaching for the small business owner with the desire to excel in both business and life. Book a complimentary appointment at today.

Learn More About Jess Cushenberry

Jess chose a career path which combined her passion of helping people with her passion for exercise. She attained her exercise science degree from the University of Georgia. She has over 20 years helping people achieve optimal health. She is also a speaker about fitness, nutrition and general wellness. She helps people navigate the confusing information on nutrition to find a balance of health and daily life. She created a unique program, 6 weeks to transformation to make an impact on the declining health status of society.

Jess works with clients 1:1, and in groups. Her philosophy is to meet people where they are and mold a program around their goals AND personality.

Taking the time to understand a person's background story is also a major key in unlocking and overcoming the yo-yo. This is the key to long lasting results.


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