Building Your Business: Debunking Conflict of Interest Myths and Embracing Dual Ventures

Jeremy Williams Red Hawk Coaching JLA Realty Red Hawk Property Team

The only people who will tell you that what you're building is a conflict of interest are those who don't benefit from what you offer. I've heard this a few times since I started building my team while continuing to run my coaching business as a separate entity. Today, a successful business person asked me why I do both. He happened to be a big fan of Simon Sinek, who wrote "Start with Why," a book I also admire. Without hesitation, I knew the answer: I help people achieve  their goals by providing what they need to succeed. I offer two distinct ways to assist real estate agents.

First, I can coach real estate agents, team leads, and brokers regardless of their brand, whether they are independent or part of a national or worldwide brokerage. I know how to drive their success through coaching.
Second, I can help agents who want to join my team. My team benefits from my coaching, participates in weekly masterminds, and enjoys no fees and excellent splits, allowing them to keep more of their hard-earned money.

Throughout your business journey, you may encounter people who claim that what you're doing is a conflict of interest. Remember why you do what you do. How can I assist you today? Do you need coaching, or are you interested in joining a growing and successful team of agents? Reach out, and I will find a way to help you achieve your goals.

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