Meet Coach Jeremy

I made the decision in 2010 after building a successful real estate sales business to follow a passion that had dwelled in me long before entering the real estate industry, and that was to help people achieve both their personal and professional goals. I’ve always had a soft spot for those that pursued entrepreneurship, and I personally come from a line of business owners including my father and my grandmother and grandfather. I believe small business owners like real estate agents, real estate teams, and real estate brokers are the backbone to what makes America great! 

What I identified over the years working with small business owners are the common and new emerging challenges in today's world. There are many companies today that offer coaching, yet it is a one-size fits all approach; “It worked for this person so it will work for you.” I’ve done this for too long as a master of observation to know this is simply not true. Small business owners would approach me asking for a personalized coaching experience, and I knew that with my experience and extensive training as a coach that I could meet their needs. Thus, Red Hawk Coaching was born in 2017 designed to provide professional, customized coaching services for real estate agents, real estate teams, and real estate brokers to take consistent and intentional action that gets desired RESULTS with MAXIMUM EFFICIENCY

I love what I do, and that is to help create SUBSTANTIAL CHANGE in the lives of my clients through coaching. The gains my clients make are theirs and theirs alone. I do not take the credit for my clients successes because they put in the work. I enjoy being on the journey with them throughout our time together asking great questions that get my clients to think differently, feel differently, and take the actions necessary to achieve and surpass their goals. I am truly Blessed by my clients, and each client I treat like family. Those that participate in my world are not a number, and each coaching client is unique and treated as such. Those that hire me appreciate the fact that the coaching received is customized to their specific needs. Would you not want that personalization and treatment provided by a coach?

I am a graduate of Texas A&M University. Professionally, I've had 18 years of sales experience, management, training, and coaching real estate agents, real estate teams, and real estate brokers. In 2017, I launched Red Hawk Coaching. SEE RED HAWK COACHING IN THE PRESS & MEDIA

Outside of helping high achievers, I’ve been married to my beautiful bride, Laurie, for 20 Years, and we have two amazing children Emma and Logan, and two dogs, Stella Gumbo, a Catahoula Leopard, and Bailey, a miniature dachshund. Our family is in the stage of life where outside hours are dedicated to football games and after school activities, and we enjoy traveling and creating new memories. 

If you’re looking for results, maximum efficiency, and substantial change both in business and life, I would invite you to a conversation to explore how I can help you, like I’ve helped hundreds of others, soar both in business and life.


Best-Selling Author Jeremy Williams

The Entrepreneur's Guide to Building the Life and Business You Deserve

My goal is for you to take something from this book that can make a difference in your life no matter where you are at in your professional journey. I trust that from the following chapters, and a look into what I believe has contributed to my success, you will find something that will be a jumping point from where you are today to where you want to be both as a business owner, and more importantly, as a person. I will share with you how to get clarity, why it is important not to worry about others, reinforcing the fact that anything takes work, teach you how to fail faster, explain why it is okay to be the turtle, discuss the importance of getting outside your comfort zone, and that growth requires leverage.

In short, if you run a small business, tune into podcasts, or are an entrepreneur who is trying their best to break the seven-figure barrier, you’re in the right spot!

My name is Jeremy Williams, and I’m the owner of Red Hawk Coaching; a company that provides business coaching for small business owners. Whether it is creating efficiencies and maximizing productivity, or developing the mindset of a champion, I customize the coaching experience to the needs and goal of the client. My passion is helping small business owners soar both in business and life.


What's in the Name of Red Hawk Coaching?

Where did the name Red Hawk Coaching come from? I share with you a short, yet powerful story in the life of my family that led to name Red Hawk Coaching. Everything I create for my clients are meant to have meaning and impact; even the name of my coaching company. Check out the story here, and come soar with others that have chosen Red Hawk Coaching.