Unlocking the Power of Personal Connections: My Insightful Meeting with Will Rice of Achosa Home Warranty

Today was one of those remarkable days when you finally sit down for a business conversation with someone whose path you've crossed in various roles and businesses over the years. Today, I had the honor of meeting Will Rice and learning about Achosa Home Warranty, the company he represents. Will shared what sets his company apart, and I also got to know about his family. Our conversation reinforced the importance of building strong relationships in any business. In a world where too many people rely on Zoom, texts, emails, and social media, nothing can replace the power of an in-person conversation. Thank you, Will, for giving me the opportunity to learn more about you and your business. I also want to thank Jerry Walker for finally making this connection happen. If you're looking for guidance on building meaningful relationships in your business, I have a few coaching slots available for serious business owners.

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