Things Don't Always Work Out as Intended - How I Met My Wife

Jul 11, 2020

Jeremy Williams

Warning...this one is a little longer than normal, and I trust this might impact you today.

Things don't always work out as I met my wife. You may be thinking...what? How does this apply to business? I guess you will have to keep reading, and I will share with you how things work in accordance with something bigger than our plans.

My dream had always been to attend Texas A&M University upon graduating from San Marcos. I even did a campus tour visiting with the Corps of Cadets. My plan was to graduate, join the Corps of Cadets, and graduate with a Computer Science degree. Guess what happened. None of the above.

I graduated from high school without the resources to attend Texas A&M University. Living in San Marcos, I made the decision to continue living at home, and I attended Southwest Texas State University. Instead of pursuing Computer Science, I declared a degree in Kinesiology. While attending Southwest Texas State University, I answered an...

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Have the Work Ethic of a Turtle | Coach Jeremy Williams

Jul 10, 2020

Jeremy Williams

“Success is neither magical nor mysterious. Success is the natural consequence of consistently applying basic fundamentals.” - Jim Rohn

The turtle did not beat the hare because of the speed. The turtle won because of consistency. Are you being consistent in your activities on a daily basis; especially those activities that drive your business? Consistency in the right things will always win.

Growing up in Central Texas, we had a few "pet" land tortoises collected along the twisting and turning country roads between San Marcos and Wimberley. My brother and I would place the tortoise in the fenced garden area (thinking about that now, probably not the best idea since the garden was essentially a turtle buffet), and then head off to bed. The next morning, we would go out to check on the turtle, and it had escaped.

We would scour the over 5 acres of property covered with Texas Live Oaks. Every single inch of the property we covered meticulously. No tortoise...

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Haters Gonna Hate | Coach Jeremy Williams

Jul 08, 2020

Jeremy Williams

I've been a Jim Rohn kick this week, and I figured I would finish out this week sharing from Excerpts from The Treasury of Quotes by Jim Rohn.
Jim shared, "The few who do are the envy of the many who only watch". Early in my career, I never really understood the term "haters", and reflecting back it was because I reigned in both my thoughts and actions to appease others. In a personal growth journey of my own over more recent years, the term "haters" has gained more of my attention.
As I've put myself out there, partly to make myself more vulnerable so that I can open myself up to learn more, and because I truly am passionate about helping others, the "haters" have cropped up. I don't share this with many because "haters" are low energy; they can suck the life right out of you if you allow it to happen.
What causes people to hate on your accomplishments and growth? I believe Jim Rohn addresses this in his quote, "The few who do are...
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Applied Knowledge is Power | Coach Jeremy Williams

Jul 08, 2020

Jeremy Williams

How many times have I seen a business owner stay in the "blocks" even after the starting gun has been fired? Many.

Jim Rohn said, "We must learn to apply all that we know so that we can attract all that we want."

Having trained and coached 100's over the years, I have always been able to pick out the person that was the most intellectual person in the room, yet their results were lackluster. See they know exactly how to run the 100 meter sprint in their head. They know everything including the pre-race mindset, the study and monitoring of the starter to anticipate the gun being fired, the form required coming out of the blocks, the form required to complete the race, the technique to lean into the finish, etc. The challenge with knowing and not applying their knowledge, metaphorically, they will never leave the blocks.

See they know everything, yet they do not apply. Yes, it is important to learn, and it is even more important to apply/execute. Many have heard that...

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Get Rid of the Noise | Coach Jeremy Williams

Jul 06, 2020

Jeremy Williams

Noise. There is a lot of noise in our world today ranging from COVID-19 to race to historical statues to politics to business shutdowns to murder hornets mounted on shark horses...and the list goes on and on. I often get asked from business owners, "How do you cut through the noise?" Why it may seem difficult, the answer is quite simple.

You've got to keep doing what you've always done. In some cases you need to outwork yourself. It's about keeping your head down, laser focused, and knowing precisely what needs to happen daily to keep you moving forward.

Why do horses wear blinkers sometimes known as blinders? This piece of horse tack is so the horse does not get distracted by things to the rear, in some cases, to the side. The horse is focused on what is right in front of them.

How do you cut through the noise? Put on the blinkers. Have your business plan at hand to remind yourself of your goal. Don't get sucked in. Don't get divided. Don't buy into that which is...

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Go Deeper Than a Facebook 'Like' | Communication is the Key to Business Success

Jul 02, 2020

Jeremy Williams

I am sure I can't be the only one.

What does a Facebook 'Like' or any emoticon really mean anyways? When someone likes a post, in my mind, I'm thinking what did they "Like". You also have the heart, the emoticon hugging a heart (still don't quite understand that one), the emoticon with the tear, an emoticon with the "oh wow", and the angry face (What are they angry about?).

As a business owner utilizing social media to get out your message and to connect, would it be wise to engage at a deeper level with a meaningful comment. Whether we like it or not, social media continues to become a larger part of how individuals communicate in the world today.

Think about it....

Way back (really not that far back), we sent letters to one another. BTW - I still do with Send Out Cards.

Eventually, we moved to the telegraph, and then to a phone (the one with the wire connected to the wall), and then to the cell phone. Email was all the rage. Then comes social media. What's next...I...

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Be You | Stop Allowing Others to Tell You What and Who You Need to Be

Jul 02, 2020

Jeremy Williams

Be you...

Over the years I was told, "Jeremy, you're not bringing enough energy. You need to be more excited. You can motivate, encourage, and help more people if you would act in this way." Guess what, it was complete BS, and for those telling me essentially not to be myself, what they don't realize is the number of people that came to thank me for my authentic relationship.

See, authenticity is what people want. They don't want a show. They want to know you truly are passionate about what you do, and that your intention is to add value...not dupe them into believing something through acting out of falsehood. People want to feel like you care about their needs and to be 100% genuine about that feeling.

I write this to encourage you to "Be You" today. I will bet more people will gravitate towards you than away from you. For those that move away, be okay with that too. Unfortunately we are messaged everyday in this world that we have to appeal to everyone. Stop...

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Everything Rises and Falls with Leadership

Jul 02, 2020

Jeremy Williams

I read an article today chronicling the fall of a leader that made some really poor choices. It was a reminder that as a business owner, you are always under the spotlight whether you choose to be or not.

"Everything rises and falls with leadership." - John Maxwell

Take actions based in truth and light, do the right thing, and admit when you've made a mistake. People look at business owners as mythical unicorns living in fields of clover framed by an overarching rainbow. You do something that blotches that image, and everything goes away in a snap.

Organizations, relationships, and families can all be impacted by our choices. If you think you can hide the things you're doing, at some point it will catch up to you. Just don't go down the path knowingly making bad decisions.

Be aware today that any decision you make has a consequence. Some will be favorable, and others can be destructive (BTW - this is both in business and life). This mistake made by this business...

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How Do You Know What You're Building is Working? | Coach Jeremy Williams Red Hawk Coaching

Jun 25, 2020
The answer is simply results. You've got to start looking at results and measuring what you're doing to what you're expecting to achieve. Now where do most business owners make a mistake? Sometimes the results don't show up right away. In the coaching world, I've had clients that have come to me quickly, and I've had some that have come over years of following me. Business is not an Easy Bake Oven.
Results are required. Results will let you know if something is working. If you know of a business that results aren't required, please let me know, and we can invest in that together.
Here is a list to help you build a results-oriented business.
  1. Create a goal, priority areas, and strategies.
  2. Follow a schedule.
  3. Measure your results.
  4. Everyday ask these 3 questions: What did I do well? What did I do not so well? What can I do differently tomorrow to stay on track with #1 in this list?
  5. Be patient, yet be tenacious in your activities.
  6. Make small...
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Shane Frazier REALTORĀ® Brokered by Keller Williams Houston Metropolitan Hires Small Business Coach Jeremy Williams

Jun 25, 2020

Jeremy Williams

I am honored and excited to announce that Shane Frazier, REALTOR® brokered by Keller Williams Houston Metropolitan has made an investment in his business and hired me as his business coach.

Please join me in congratulating Shane in his decision to focus on growth and servicing his clients at the highest level. If you're looking to buy a home, sell a home, or invest in Houston, Texas real estate, connect with Shane today at 832-776-1264. Begin your home search by visiting Search Greater Houston, Texas Area Homes.

More about Shane:

Shane received his Bachelors degree in Geology from Texas A&M University. After spending years working professionally in the oil and gas industry, Shane took his passion for real estate and decided to build his own business around it. In his free time you can find Shane at the golf course or on stage playing guitar in his band.


Posted by: Jeremy Williams is the owner and Head Coach at Red Hawk Coaching based in...

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