Get Off the Hamster Wheel by Taking Back Your Time: Step 4 Scheduling (I)mprovement | L.I.F.E.

Get Off the Hamster Wheel by Taking Back Your Time: Step 4 Scheduling (I)mprovement | L.I.F.E. | Jeremy Williams Red Hawk Coaching Real Estate Small Business Coach

Getting Your Time Back

I’ve focused over the last several days helping you get off the hamster wheel as an entrepreneur in a series of posts about getting your time back. Covered in these posts include:

Schedule Your Bedtime and Wake Up Time

Schedule Your Rocks

Schedule (L)ove - L.I.F.E.

The next step in the process to get your life back is to schedule ‘Improvement’. ‘Improvement’ is the (I) in the acronym of L.I.F.E.

What is improvement?

Merriam-Webster defines improvement as the act or process of improving. Note that improvement is an intentional act. To improve in your business, you must be intentional in wanting to get better. Most believe improvement happens by osmosis, and the longer you do something naturally you get better. While there may be some truthiness to that thought, real change comes from being intentional in the act or process of improving.

How much time should I commit to improvement daily?

In my coaching conversations, I encourage clients to commit 15 - 30 minutes per day in the area of improvement. This time is set aside from all distractions to work on you. When you turn off your phone, close your laptop and truly focus on improvement, you will see gains both in the short and long term. Improvement is stackable. What I mean by this is that what you learn and apply today stacks on what you learn and apply tomorrow. In time, you’ll look back unexpectedly and see how far you’ve come.

What counts as improvement? This question depends specifically on you. Here are suggestions:

Hire a Coach

Read a Book (Don’t read a book just to read. Read a book that will help you in a specific area in which you want to make an improvement.)

Watch a YouTube Video on a Specific Topic

Read a Daily Devotional/Bible (Proverbs is the best business book out there.)

There are many things you can do to work on improvement, and my suggestion is to focus this time on areas that get you closer to your goal. Don’t expect the results overnight, and know that in time being both consistent and intentional, you can expect big gains.

In the next post, I will discuss the (F) in the acronym of L.I.F.E. If you’ve missed my other posts, go back in my newsfeed to find them. One of my biggest goals as a coach is to get my clients off the hamster wheel, and it starts with having a plan and a schedule. If I can help you, visit my website and review the variety of packages I offer. One of the packages that I personally recommend is the 3 Month Traditional package. During this time together, I can help you get laser focused on building a plan and a schedule. Having a solid plan and schedule changes everything.

Until next time…

Onward and Upward…

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