Get Off the Hamster Wheel by Taking Back Your Time: Step 5 Scheduling (F)itness and Nutrition | L.I.F.E.

Get Off the Hamster Wheel by Taking Back Your Time: Step 5 Scheduling (F)itness and Nutrition | L.I.F.E. | Jeremy Williams Red Hawk Coaching Real Estate Small Business Coach

Getting Your Time Back

If you’re on the hamster wheel as an entrepreneur, you probably don’t have a plan and you are not working from a calendar. In a series of posts I’ve done over the last several days, I’ve been sharing with you strategies to get your time back including:

Schedule Your Bedtime and Wake Up Time

Schedule Your Rocks

Schedule (L)ove - L.I.F.E.

Schedule (I)mprovement - L.I.F.E.

Today we talk about the (F) in L.I.F.E. This is one of my biggest struggles personally, and I also know when it is scheduled, it becomes easier. (F)itness and nutrition. These two components can determine the outcome of your day. Being an entrepreneur requires energy, and I’m not necessarily talking about bouncing off the walls for all my people that have a S or C behavioral style, I’m talking about the energy to sustain and meet the activities of the day at an optimal level.

Why not fitness just by itself?

You can’t outwork a bad diet. The two go together like Sonny and Cher, peanut butter and jelly, and Lebron and a 2023 Championship (wait the Lakers just got swept by the Nuggets). You get the idea. You have to pay attention to both because they work together.

There are a million ways to address fitness and nutrition, and this is not the post to dive into all the various combinations. The point of this post is to schedule in the time for these to take place. I see many entrepreneurs burning the candle from both ends skipping any sort of physical workout and meals. By skipping these selfcare tasks, they are putting themselves at risk of under performing and potentially shortening the longevity of their career. Have you ever tried working on an intense negotiation without having eaten. There is a reason they call it hangry.

Set yourself up for success.

Schedule time to work on your fitness daily, and make sure you’re not skipping meals; unless you're fasting which is a whole other post and conversation. Give yourself the grace and space to be okay with committing time in these areas. By committing time to fitness and nutrition, you will see every other aspect of your life elevate.

I’d like to hear your thoughts on this content. Share in the comments. Do you believe someone in your world needs to hear this? I know a lot of entrepreneurs that struggle with this component the most on their calendar. Share this post.

If you missed the previous posts on how to get back your time, you can find them on my Facebook newsfeed or visit my website Red Hawk Coaching.

Until next time…

Onward and Upward…

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