Get Off the Hamster Wheel by Taking Back Your Time: Step 6 Scheduling (E)conomic | L.I.F.E.

Get Off the Hamster Wheel by Taking Back Your Time: Step 6 Scheduling (E)conomic | L.I.F.E. | Jeremy Williams Red Hawk Coaching Real Estate Small Business Coach

Getting Your Time Back

Over the last several days, I’ve shared with you a formula used by top business owners that when implemented can provide the exit ramp from the hamster wheel. If you missed these posts, I would recommend going back to my newsfeed as they are sequential in implementation. So far I’ve covered:

Schedule Your Bedtime and Wake Up Time

Schedule Your Rocks

Schedule (L)ove - L.I.F.E.

Schedule (I)mprovement - L.I.F.E.

Schedule (F)itness and Nutrition - L.I.F.E.

The final tasks to be added to your calendar is (E)conomic - L.I.F.E.

Economic is the business activities that must happen to operate a successful business. You may ask, why schedule your business activities last, or shouldn’t you schedule your business activities first because they are that important? The answer is NO, the business activities should be scheduled last.


If you don’t get adequate sleep, are you going to perform your best in business? No.

If you don’t commit to the rocks in your life, are you going to commit to the things important in your business? No. How you live your life will show up in the way you live out your business.

If you’re not paying attention to your relationships because you’re focused on only your business, do you think your relationships will survive? No.

If you’re not working to improve and grow personally, will your business grow? No.

If you’re not taking care of your health and fitness, will you have longevity in your business? No.

There is a reason and order that is intentional in the way I’ve laid out the process to get back your time. Each component builds upon the other so that when you get to scheduling your business activities, you will perform at your best. Schedule out the activities that drive your business.

Use a color coding method such as:

Green = Activities that lead to making money

Gold = Appointments

Blue = Administrative tasks

Red = Tasks that you must stop everything at the appointed time to complete

Using a color coding method will allow you to evaluate at a glance if you are doing the right things in your business. If you see a lot of blue, administrative, and very little green, activities that lead to making money, you may soon experience a depletion of revenue. Time on the right tasks over time can supply you the fruit. Color coding your calendar will help you make better decisions with how you use your time.

Remember at the end of the day, we all have the same amount of time. It is how you use your time that is most important.

I trust this series has been helpful for you, and if I can help you in your business, schedule an appointment with me through my website, or send me a message here on Facebook.

Watch for other upcoming series.

Onward and Upward…

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