A Lesson in Branding by Nathan Owner of UnspeakableGaming

Mar 18, 2019

Yesterday, my son and I attended the McDonald's Grand Opening in Kingwood, Texas. McDonald's had been impacted by the flood waters of Harvey in August of 2017, which required a complete tear down and rebuild of the site. The primary reason we attended is that McDonald's had a special guest to sign autographs, Nathan, owner of UnspeakableGaming. What I noticed looking through the eyes of a coach is the superb job of branding done by Nathan. (Checkout the UnspeakableGaming YouTube Channel) It got me asking the following questions about business owners.

  1. Does the business have a brand?
  2. What does the brand communicate to clients and customers?
  3. Does the business brand tell a story?
  4. When someone sees the brand, do they connect on an emotional level?
  5. How are business owners communicating their brand to a targeted audience?

If you're business does not have a brand, as a business coach I highly recommend developing one. Use your personalized brand to tell your story, and to connect with...

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