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Warning...this one is a little longer than normal, and I trust this might impact you today.

Things don't always work out as I met my wife. You may be thinking...what? How does this apply to business? I guess you will have to keep reading, and I will share with you how things work in accordance with something bigger than our plans.

My dream had always been to attend Texas A&M University upon graduating from San Marcos. I even did a campus tour visiting with the Corps of Cadets. My plan was to graduate, join the Corps of Cadets, and graduate with a Computer Science degree. Guess what happened. None of the above.

I graduated from high school without the resources to attend Texas A&M University. Living in San Marcos, I made the decision to continue living at home, and I attended Southwest Texas State University. Instead of pursuing Computer Science, I declared a degree in Kinesiology. While attending Southwest Texas State University, I answered an ad to learn more about Christian organization desiring to form on campus; BYX. Months later, I along with 6 other men on campus launch BYX. Again wasn't my intention, yet God's plan was much bigger.

My first summer out of college, I was looking for employment, and one of the BYX founders, Travis Young, had me convinced to apply to be a camp counselor at Kanakuk in Missouri. I attended an interview with Joe White himself in Austin, Texas. I felt the interview went well, and in my mind I knew where I would spend my summer. I waited and waited and waited with no response back from the camp.

In the interim, another BYX founder, Brian Stone, said, "Hey, Jeremy, you should be a counselor at Camp Balcones Springs on Lake Travis outside of Austin, Texas." Having not heard back from Kanakuk, I interviewed with Camp Balcones Springs, and only weeks later they called to let me know that I had made the cut. Though not what I intended, I committed by saying yes to Camp Balcones Springs.

Only a week later, Kanakuk called saying I made the cut. I told them that as awesome as the opportunity would be, I had already committed. Not what I intended, and I am also very big on letting "your yes be yes" and "your no be no".

It would be at camp that I would meet my future wife Laurie. It was the following year that I transferred to A&M to be closer to her and to fulfill my original desire of graduating from that great university. Now I still graduated as a Kinesiology major, and I did not join the Corps of Cadets (both of my original intentions did not happen). Prior to graduating, I proposed to Laurie beneath the Albritton Bell Tower after watching a MSC OPAS Performance of Jesus Christ SuperStar. My roommates helped in the plan setting up an oak table with white linen cloth, a bottle of champagne, my Bible opened to Proverbs 31, and Laurie's favorite dessert; a strawberry tart from Cafe Eccell (and most importantly the bling). She said yes!

My plan to attend Texas A&M University out of high school did not work out. I went to Southwest Texas State University. While in attendance, I was a Founding Father of BYX that to this day has impacted the lives of 100's of college-aged men.

My plan to be a camp counselor at Kanakuk did not work out. I worked at Camp Balcones Springs. Camp Balcones Springs would be where I would meet my future wife.

My plan to graduate with a Computer Science degree and a member of the Corps of Cadets did not work out. Though I transferred to A&M after a year-and-a-half at Southwest Texas State University and graduated with a degree in Kinesiology and a minor in Business Management.

See, there are several things we want to work out, and in the end they fall apart. I don't believe in coincidence, and I believe God's plan for me is much BIGGER than anything I can imagine. It might not have worked out in my worldly comprehension, yet what if it didn't happen as it did? I am married to the love of my life, Laurie, and we have 2 amazing children.

I have focused more on the personal side of my life in this post, and I could do an entire post on how this has shown up in my professional life and journey to being a coach.

When you look back, the dots connect. They might not have seemed to connect in the moment, and everything happened with a purpose. The same happens in business. In the moment, things may seem bleak, or you may question yourself as to why you are doing what you're doing, look back at the journey that has led you to where you stand today.

If you look hard enough, you can start to see the dots connect. Enjoy the journey in front of you, and know that everything you are doing today means something. You don't know what doors it will open, and sometimes, what doors it might close. Hindsight will tell the story.

For me the story was how something didn't work out as I intended which led me to finding the woman of my dreams. Be encouraged today. Play big, and I can't wait to see and hear your stories.

I work with small business owners helping them to be in the moment, to play big, and I challenge individuals to be their personal best. If you need this in your world, I invite you to a conversation. Let's see if we can put some of the dots together in your journey. I can help you as I've helped many over the years.

Remember there is no such thing as a coincidence. If you've read this, and it is pulling you to have a conversation, don't deny that small quiet voice. I look forward to connecting to see how I might be able to help you level up.

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