Survive, Scale, Soar: Rises to Become a #1 Best-Selling Book on Amazon

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My book, Survive, Scale, Soar: The Entrepreneur's Guide to Building the Life and Business You Deserve launched last Friday, November 12th, 2021 on Amazon. Mike Fallat, Owner of Dreamstarters Publishing, and his team, were an integral part of a successful launch of the book that earned #1 Best-Selling status in multiple categories. For me personally, writing the book had been on my bucket list for some time, and I felt like writing a book was the tool for me to help fulfill my mission to help as many people as possible. 

Survive, Scale, Soar is a #1 Amazon Best-Selling Book




About the Book: Survive, Scale, Soar

My goal is for you to take something from this book that can make a difference in your life no matter where you are at in your professional journey. I trust that from the following chapters, and a look into what I believe has contributed to my success, you will find something that will be a jumping point from where you are today to where you want to be both as a business owner, and more importantly, as a person. I will share with you how to get clarity, why it is important not to worry about others, reinforcing the fact that anything takes work, teach you how to fail faster, explain why it is okay to be the turtle, discuss the importance of getting outside your comfort zone, and that growth requires leverage.

In short, if you run a small business, tune into podcasts, or are an entrepreneur who is trying their best to break the seven-figure barrier, you’re in the right spot!

My name is Jeremy Williams, and I’m the owner of Red Hawk Coaching; a company that provides business coaching for real estate agents/brokers and small business owners. Whether it is creating efficiencies and maximizing productivity, or developing the mindset of a champion, I customize the coaching experience to the needs and goal of the client. My passion is helping small business owners soar both in business and life.

Grateful for Those that Allow Me to Soar

I have many to thank for helping me in this journey including many coaches and mentors that have been alongside me in my journey, friends, and family. Specifically, I would like to thank the following:

  • My parents, Patricia and Paul Williams for exposing me to entrepreneurship.
  • To the my many coaches and mentors over the years: Michelle Andersen, Shanan Steere, Mitch Schwartz, David Jones, Hank Avink, Dianna Kokoszka, Chad Hyams (Chad was the catylst to get me to finally complete the book, and for that I'm grateful.), Mike Bastian, Beth Torrence Shearon, Peter Weller, Judy Hopkins
  • Grateful for Tony Whatley of 365 Drive. Tony is my current coach, past real estate client, and friend. Tony wrote up an amazing Foreword for my book.
  • In gratitude for those who have entrusted me with the success of their business by hiring me as their coach. Without my current and past coaching clients, this would be a dream that never left the runway.
  • Grateful most of all for the support given by my wife, Laurie, and my kids Emma and Logan. They are my BIG Why.
  • Also...this one is for the Haters; the individuals that thought I could not accomplish something like this. They need no recognition as they know who they are. I thank you all too. 

Survive, Scale, Soar #1 Amazon Best-Selling Book in Multiple Categories

With the help of Dreamstarters Publishing, and the support of many coaching clients, colleagues, friends, and family, my book Survive, Scale, Soar successfully achieved #1 Best-Selling status in multiple categories. I am in gratitude for all those that supported me in this Best-Seller run.

Best Seller in Total Quality Management

Competing with books like Tools of Titans by Tim Ferriss, Built to Last by Jim Collins, and John C. Maxwells book, The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership, Survive Scale Soar flew to the top of the charts.



Best Seller in Purchasing and Buying Industry



Survive, Scale, Soar also soared to #1 in the category, Purchasing and Buying Industry. With the help of those supporting my efforts, my book continued to outperform great titles and authors. At one point in the Best-Seller run, Survive, Scale, Soar was ranked #2,338 in the entire Kindle store. Again, this achievement was only made possible by the support of many.

Get Your Copy of Survive, Scale, Soar

Would you like to get a copy of Survive, Scale, Soar? You can currently purchase a copy either for Kindle or on Paperback on Amazon. The book focuses on 7 lessons I've learned over the years through my personal experiences, coaching conversations, friends, and family.

  • Get Clarity
  • Stop Worrying About Others
  • It Takes Work
  • Fail Faster
  • Be the Turtle
  • Get Out of Your Comfort Zone
  • Leverage

Once you've read the book, share with me a takeaway that you would like to implement in your journey at [email protected]. Also, make sure you drop a review on my book on Amazon. Thank you in advance.

I trust this book helps you in some small way, or maybe even a big way, on your journey both in life and business. #SurviveScaleSoar

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