Stop Thinking You've Arrived

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Stop thinking you've arrived!

I hear often from individuals that they have achieved everything, crushed their goals, and that they are content. As a business owner, this mind set now places you into the danger zone. Think Goose getting cooked in Top Gun. When you get to a place where you are comfortable, growth ends. 

Think of a tree. A tree is either growing or decaying. There is no in-between state. Our businesses are similar in the fact that they are either in growth mode or dying. What are some strategies to stay in growth mode in your business?

  1. Hire a coach to hold you accountable to your goals?
  2. Read a book a month on either leadership or growth?
  3. Ask yourself everyday what did you do well, what did you do not so well, and what can you improve on? Then write an action plan/improvement plan, and more importantly, implement.
  4. Teach/Train. I learn more about myself and the subject matter simply by teaching it to others. 
  5. Be in a tribe of others that have the same growth mentality. If you're around people that don't want growth, you will not grow.

There are many other strategies though I trust this will get you thinking a little differently on the topic of ARRIVING.

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