The Secret Sauce to Business and Life

Jeremy Williams Red Hawk Coaching Small Business Coach Real Estate Coach Survive Scale Soar The Secret Sauce to Business and Life

Written By: Coach Jeremy Williams, Owner and Head Coach at Red Hawk Coaching

One of the topics that comes up time and again with clients over the years is consistency. This is both a business and life conversation. When you are working to achieve your greatest potential in any aspect whether in business or life, consistency is a key component to achieving maximum results.

Why do I believe most struggle with consistency? Consistency is not sexy, consistency is hard, and it is often consistency in the mundane that generates the greatest results.

If you want to grow your finances and build wealth, you have to be consistent with both saving and investing for the long haul.

If you want to grow in your business, you have to be consistent with generating the leads you need to achieve your goal.

If you want to lose weight and improve your health, you must be consistent with working out, your nutrition, and get the rest you need everyday.

If you want to be a better cook, you've got to be consistent at cooking and eat out less.

Consistency is part of the secret sauce. Notice I said part of the secret sauce. I also believe that other factors such as intentionality, purpose, discipline, and giving something the appropriate amount of time are all important too though the link in the chain that is often broken is consistency.

If you can get consistent in something, prepare yourself for results you've never achieved. I encourage you today. Don't try to apply being consistent to all aspects of your life if this is what you're struggling with currently. I encourage you to choose one area, and start getting consistent with the activities you know drive the desired results.

Start today. Start now. Don't wait. Your future self will thank you for making a decision in regards to being consistent.


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