Choose Momentum - Tim Tebow Provides a Lesson on an Aggie Game Day and Win

Logan Williams Texas A&M 12th Man War Hymn Monument Kyle Field

On Saturday, I got to take my son for a special day trip to watch the Texas A&M Aggies defeat the Auburn Tigers at Kyle Field. The weather was amazing, and it was the 2nd largest crowd to watch an Aggie game at Kyle Field with the final count being 109,835. More on the results and game day activities later in this post.



The SEC Nation crew of Laura Rutledge, Paul Finebaum, Jordan Rodgers, and Tim Tebow paid a visit to Kyle Field. If you watch the show, at the end of every show, each member of the crew picks who they think will win. When they got to Tim Tebow, Tim started out talking about the quality of play by Bo Nix and the Auburn Tigers, and then he mentioned that though this was the case, the Aggies had something going for them. He said they have MOMENTUM, and that momentum would carry them to win. 

How Does Momentum Assist in Business and Life

Just as in football, you can underestimate the power of momentum in both business and in life. When you have momentum in business, and you can stay in momentum, great things keep happening. Wins begin to stack, and winning even gets easier over time. In life, momentum can be experienced, for example, once you lose a few pounds of weight, it seems to get easier to lose the next 10 or 20 or 30 because you are working with momentum.

The definition of momentum is: the impetus and driving force gained by the development of a process or course of events.

How do you get into momentum? That is the million dollar question. You can't be in momentum if you're not doing something. Momentum requires getting into action. If you want to get into momentum, you first must be doing the basics day in and day out. You must start.

In the case of the game between Auburn and Texas A&M, the momentum started a few weeks ago with a win against Alabama, then against Missouri, and further momentum with the defeat of South Carolina leading to a win against Auburn. Can Texas A&M run the table for the rest of the season. Yes, if they stay working with momentum. 

Momentum builds confidence. Momentum can be measured. Momentum is results oriented (though you can have momentum moving in the opposite direction like the Houston Texans season). Find your momentum today, and if you aren't experiencing momentum, just get started at something and build upon it.

Tim Tebow would be correct. The Texas A&M Aggies went on to beat the Auburn Tigers 20 - 3.  Momentum served the Aggies well.

Texas A&M Aggies Defeat the Auburn Tigers

The final score of the Auburn Tigers vs. the Texas A&M Aggies was 20 - 3. This win by the Aggies moves Texas A&M to 7 - 2 on the season and 4 - 2 in SEC Conference play. The offense was led by quarterback Zack Calzada making key plays despite having his left shoulder dislocated. A strong running game by Isaiah Spiller and Devon Achane racked up 120 yards on the ground. The only touchdown score came from Michael Clemons on the defense with a 24-yard fumble recovery early in the 4th quarter. The rest of the scoring came by effort of the Kicker, Seth Small (formerly of Katy High School). The Aggies were just too much for Bo Nix and crew. The game had 109,835 in attendance making it the second largest crowd filling Kyle Field in Aggie history.

Texas A&M Game Day Activities and the SEC Nation

Logan and I were out the door by 8:00 am bound for College Station to watch the Aggies take on the Tigers. The game didn't start until nearly 3:00 pm, and we went early to particpate in the game day activities including participating in the live set of the Marty & McGee Show and the SEC Nation.



ESPN Radio Marty & McGee Show

Our first stop was the Marty & McGee show. Logan and I happened to make it on to SEC Network; a national television network. Of course, we had to gig'em. Marty Smith was kind enough to take a picture with Logan following their show.



You can see Logan and I over the right should of Ryan McGee.



Logan Williams standing behind the set at the Marty & McGee Show.



The set of the Marty & McGee Show.



Logan gets his photo with Marty Smith of the Marty & McGee Show.


SEC Nation

For the first time since 2019, the SEC Nation crew descended on the campus of Texas A&M University. The crew of Laura Rutledge, Paul Finebaum, Jordan Rodgers, and Tim Tebow entertained the crowd. The crowd was pumped up throughout the show by the Aggie Yell Leaders. Paul Finebaum entertained the crowd by dressing up as a Yell Leader and doing the BTHOAuburn yell with the Yell Leaders and the crowd. Here are some of the videos I took during the show.





Kids' Yell Practice

After the morning of watching and participating in the Marty & McGee Show and SEC Nation, Logan and I headed to the Bookstore to pick up a couple of Spirit Towels. We also took a small break in the Flag Room of the MSC, and watched some of the Ole Miss vs Liberty game. After a few minutes to rest, we headed over to the War Hymn Statue for Kids' Yell Practice. 




Logan Williams standing in front of the War Hymn statue.


Team Spirit Walk

This was one of Logan's favorite activities of the day getting to see Jimbo Fisher and the players up close. The players engaged with Logan and gave high fives and fist bumps. He was on cloud 9.



Texas A&M Corps of Cadets Step-Off

Right after experiencing the Team Spirit Walk, we head over immediately to get a spot on the route for Step-Off. Over 2,500 members of the Corps of Cadets step into formation. Starting an hour before kickoff, the Corps of Cadets, including the Fightin' Texas Aggie Band, march from the Quad to the Fan Zone and eventually enter Kyle Field. We also saw Reveille.



Auburn vs Texas A&M - The Game


After a morning and early afternoon filled with game day activities, we headed into the stadium to watch the Aggies ultimately defeat the Tigers. We had great seats on Row 1 in Zone on the north end of Kyle Field. It was a great vantage point to take in a Texas Aggie win.



Logan and I found our seats. What an amazing view of Kyle Field from here.



Watched Bo Nix warm up for Auburn



Corps of Cadets and the 12th Man



The Student Section


The Aggies Take the Field



One of the greatest entrances in college football.



BTHOAuburn fills Kyle Field



Yell Leader Kipp Knecht gives Logan a high five


Fightin' Texas Aggie Band and Corps of Cadets at Half-Time





You can see the Block T Formation on the big screen


Conclusion of a Long and FUN Day

It was a long day. Thank you Tim Tebow for the lesson on momentum. More importantly, Logan and I were able to create some awesome memories that will live on. Working hard is important, and playing hard is important too. Now to plan the next trip to Aggieland!

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