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My family, along with serveral friends, boarded the topless bus that has gained fame in Houston owned by R.W. McKinney better known to many as Mister McKinney. Mister McKinney has taken his personal passion for history and built a business branded as Mister McKinney's Historic Houston. We went on the River Oaks Christmas Lights tour that wound through amazing mansions that were evidence of stories past. Not only were we able to see the beautiful Christmas lights, and we also learned about the rich history of Houston.



Learn more about the path and passion for history that led Mister McKinney to create this unique business.

When you tour with Mister McKinney, it is obvious the passion he has about his business and the end product which is to educate and preserve history. I believe a key component to having success as a small business owner is that you need to be passionate about what you do. You've probably heard that phrase, "eat, sleep and breathe". The meaning of this phrase is to have an extreme interest in something. Owning and building a successful business can't be achieved by being only somewhat interested in whatever it is you're working to build. You can't have a mindset or attitude of "I'm sorta passionate about this". No, you've got to love it. When you love it, it shows. When you love what you do, internally it gives you that feeling of you're right where you need to be. 

Are you a small business owner? Are you building a business around something you're passionate about? If you're in the Houston, Texas area or passing through, I recommend looking up Mister McKinney's Historic Houston and taking a tour. Mister McKinney is a great example of someone that is having success and achieving an end goal of providing a unique educational experience by living out what he is passionate about.

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More About the Experience

Before heading over to Mister McKinney's Historic Houston tour, we all gathered for a meal at Mia's Table on Argonne Street just around the corner from the Whole Foods on Kirby where the topless bus picked us up. The one hour tour wound through River Oaks. The tour was a combination of a little history about some of the great homes, the owners of those homes, and a lot of Christmas lights. My wife and I highly recommend the tour, and our kids also really enjoyed the experience. We also plan on looking into other tours offered by Mister McKinney. 








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