Mindset Revealed By Your Eyes and Body Language

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Can you get an idea of someone's mindset when you look into their eyes? In past roles when I interviewed and consulted in person, looking into someone's eyes you could get an idea of their mindset.

If you were watching the Super Bowl last night where Tampa Bay destroyed Kansas City, the cameras would often zoom in on Brady's face, and what stood out to me was the intensity and focus in his eyes. You could sense that his mind was prepared, and that he had no doubt of a victory. On the other side of the ball, Mahomes, especially deeper into the game, looked lost, shaken, and at times frustrated.

Can you reveal your mindset through your eyes, and I will add, body language? The answer is yes. Last night was a great example. What mindset is your eyes and body language telling others? What are they telling your personal relationships? What are they telling your customers and clients? Some of the most powerful messages shared are not of words rather actions taken based on feelings derived by the way you think (mindset).

Brady gave a lesson on mindset last night. His mindset was so intentional that it showed in his eyes. What is your mindset today?

Disclaimer: I'm not a Brady fan. Yes, he is the G.O.A.T. Will he win another Super Bowl? Probably with the mindset that drives him to only accept winning.

The Honey Badger - What did his mindset cost KC? It would be interesting to hear your thoughts. See Less

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