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"You can look for external sources of motivation that can catalyze a change, but it won't sustain one. It has to be from an internal desire." - Jillian Michaels

In my professional life prior to owning my own business, I was always deemed as the person that was calm, cool and collective, and "lacked energy". The "lack of energy" conversation was a barrier to promotions by title only, and my results showed I was fully capable. I did not have to be the one that bounced off the walls, or "act the fool" to get the desired results when it came to impacting people. What I've always understood is that external motivation is fleeting, and that my purpose as a coach is to help people look within for that which is greater.

I've attend many conferences and training events where the structure was intended to hype people up...great music, cool videos, special lighting, exclusive featured speakers, etc. Over 10,000 people show up, and 9,999 go home not making a significant change. It felt good. It was fun. People were excited, and yet, little to no change took place.

See, motivation from external sources may only start a change, yet it won't sustain. The real change is when you can look within, make decisions that will usually buck "the norms" (unhealthy norms you've created, or norms which others are trying to create for you), and you may even get pushback. The real change is when you get to a place in your life when you place a stake in the ground, and you declare this is what I stand for in my business/life. Will this decision push people away? Absolutely, and it will also attract others that have the same desire to get better.

Saturday, I watched Jalen Suggs, point guard and shooting guard for Gonzaga, sink a nearly half court shot to dash the hopes of UCLA making it to the NCAA Tournament Championship. In the post game interview he was asked about that final shot, and he said when he released the ball, he knew it was going in. It wasn't the "rah-rah" from his coach, teammates, or limited fans that motivated him to take that buzzer beater shot. It was an internal confidence, motivation, a desire that led him to secure the win for his team. I can also with great confidence say that it wasn't the first time he made that type of shot. The commitment to perfect practice unseen showed up in a clutch shot on national television when it mattered most.

I study people that lose weight (because I'm on that journey too), and those that lose a significant amount of weight, and keep it off, always have a similar story. It wasn't someone or something external that caused them to commit to a weight loss journey. They took the journey because they looked inside themselves, didn't like what they saw, and made a commitment to self to change. The motivation came from within. This doesn't mean someone might not read another person's story, and for a moment think "if they can do it, I can do it". Though this type of motivation is like a flash in a fry pan...here and gone. You've got to look within. Only when that motivation comes from within can real change take place.

There are a lot of "coaches" out there. Several operate from a "rah-rah" modus operandi. They do this because it works off emotion, and emotion gets people to take actions. They know that it makes people feel good, and people want to feel good. It's only temporary. It's only temporary because if real change doesn't take place within, nothing will change.

If you want to hire a business coach that is about creating real changes in your life or business by getting you to look within, we should be having a conversation. Don't hire a "rah-rah" coach. Hire me because I truly care about you making real change in your business and life, and not for me, but for you.

Be the unstoppable...don't wait any longer, and call me today 281-387-7689.


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