Leadership Comes in a Variety of Styles

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I was once told that I was not outgoing enough to advance in my leadership. Initially I bought into this lie, and I attempted to be a much more outgoing person.

Something didn't feel right. Something was not in alignment. What I discovered in a short time was being unauthentic to myself. I allowed someone else to make me think that I needed to be someone I was not.

The reality is that I am a strong leader. I get results that outpace most. My leadership is different; it is not the "norm". I've always been a quiet leader. I look internally and evaluate my decisions that I know have an impact on others. I don't bounce off the walls, jump up or down, or do things just because someone else thinks it's best.  For those that understand the DISC, I am a CD.

What do people want from a leader? They want authenticity. They want the audio and video to match. There are a lot of badly dubbed leaders in our world today. What has been shared with me privately over the years is that people I've led appreciate my consistency, my steadiness, my intentionality, and my patience on the path to results. Those I have led or currently leading have shared they appreciate the authenticity.

Don't let others determine whether or not you can be a leader. 

Don't let others say you must lead in a certain way to be effective; there are many leadership styles. 

Most importantly, don't let others convince you to be someone you aren't leading you astray from being your authentic self.

Now armed with this, go lead some people to greatness today.


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