Joy and Impact

Red Hawk Coaching Real Estate Coach Jeremy Williams

On Saturday, I attended a funeral service honoring the life of David Johnson. I had the pleasure and opportunity to get to know David through a Christian Fraternity, Brothers Under Christ (BYX), which I was Blessed to have been a part of the Founding Father's back in 1997 on the campus of Southwest Texas State University (now Texas State University) in San Marcos, Texas. From the service, I pulled two lessons that I felt applicable to both business and life.

  1. Are you living life with a Joyful Spirit?
  2. Do you realize the impact that you have, or could potentially have, on others you may or may not know?

From my memory of David, he never really had a bad day, or he hid it really well. He was always joyful, and he was joyful about helping others. He often helped others without being asked, and he also helped without expecting anything in return. What if you as a business owner operated daily with the Spirit of Joy. What would that do for you? What would it do for others? 

Unpacking the second takeaway of realizing the impact you may have on someone you know or may not know, David's family until the days leading to his service did not realize the number of lives David impacted. It was upon announcement of his passing that his family began to receive messages and stories from those that loved David what he meant to their lives. It was powerful. Do you realize the impact you have on the lives of others? Do you realize you have the capabilities to help someone change for the better, and in even some cases, you may save someone's life? 

When you go out today, I encourage you be joyful, and realize the impact you may have on someone in this world. It's moving and powerful when you really think about it. 


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