Increasing TC Business to Over 30 Pending a Month

Danae Wheat OnPoint Transactions LLC Texas Real Estate Agents Support Services

The people I coach get results. They are amazing business owners and more importantly great people. Today I recognize another rock star coaching client, Danae Wheat, Owner of OnPoint Transactions, LLC; a transaction coordination business for Texas real estate agents.

I always enjoy our calls each week. Every week I ask for her to share one great thing in business and one great thing in life. Danae always says there are just too many great things to share. Danae implements the action plans that are discussed on our calls, and week after week, Danae's business continues to grow providing TC support for top real estate agents in the industry.

If you're a real estate agent in Texas looking to gain leverage to either get more time back in life or to grow the business, you would do yourself some good to connect with Danae today 832-465-4041 or email [email protected].


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