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Jeremy Williams, Head Coach and Owner of Red Hawk Coaching interviews Dr. Tyler Hamel, Chiropractor and Owner of Pinnacle Health and Wellness (Kingwood Back Pain Chiropractic). While the topic focused on The Importance of Health as a Small Business Owner, the information discussed can apply to anyone. Dr. Hamel shared information about the industry, how he provides an alternative for maintaining peak health, mindset, and much more. Learn more about the services offered by Dr. Tyler Hamel. You can schedule an appointment by calling 281-360-8387. Follow Dr. Tyler Hamel on Facebook

Here are the questions we covered in the interview.

  1. Dr. Hamel, what made you pursue the chiropractic field?
  2. Dr. Hamel, you’ve been established in the Kingwood community for several years. Tell me about your practice and the services you offer. With the government shutdown as a result of the COVID pandemic, share with me some of the strategies you implemented to keep moving forward. What has been your mindset to keep moving forward despite everything happening around you?
  3. Gyms were locked down, people were confined for the most part to their home, and even now that gyms have restricted openings, what can people be doing to keep health a priority in their lives?
  4. I coach small business owners, and I’m sure there will be some listening to this interview. What is the importance of maintaining health as a small business owner?
  5. Schedule is important with a small business owner. What are some strategies a small business owner can use to make sure health is a priority?
  6. What role can you play as a Chiropractor to help small business owners keep health a top priority?
  7. If you can provide one piece of advice today to a small business can be anything...what would it be?
  8. How can people connect with you about your services?

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