Ana Sanchez 1st Choice Realty Recognized as a 2022 Platinum Top 50 Finalist

Ana Sanchez Harmony Group International 1st Choice Realty San Antonio Texas Top Real Estate Agent

A coaching client of Red Hawk Coaching, Ana Sanchez, Owner and Team Lead of the Harmony International Group brokered by 1st Choice Realty in San Antonio, Texas was recognized last night as a 2022 Platinum Top 50 Finalist. This is a significant accomplishment with over 14,000 real estate agents in the San Antonio, Texas area. 

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Ana Sanchez Shares Her Gratitude for Being a 2022 Platinum Top 50 Finalist

Guys I don’t even know what to say.

Being invited to be in this room alone is an accomplishment. With so many agents I’ve admired and looked up to for so many years. To be recognized as a semi-finalist is unreal!

I am just a woman who puts God above all and works her butt off to provide for her daughter. That’s it!

The feeling I had today was like no other, I’ve wanted to be this person for so many years and I’m here. Living proof that you don’t have to be the smartest, you just have to be the hardest working. 

To all you college dropouts, single moms, we’ve got this. The sky's the limit!

Thank you to my amazing team, clients, friends, family, business partners and anyone who ever has  believed in me. This day would have not been possible without you all.

All I wanna do is make a difference in the community and I’m doing it as your REALTOR® for life.




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