A Winner Seeks Knowledge

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Chad Hyams and Bob Stewart of the Win Make Give Podcast interviewed Doctor Gregg Marshall (many know as Doc G) on the topic of seeking knowledge in their latest podcast series Traits of a Winner. Doc G is a Professor and Chair at Texas State University Round Rock Campus, and he also served 21 years as the faculty representative for Beta Upsilon Chi (Brothers Under Christ) founded at Texas State University in San Marcos, Texas in 1997.

The message in this podcast interview has so many applications. Our entire journey should be set on seeking knowledge and to remain in curiosity. Whether it's your health, finances, wealth building, relationships, Spiritual life, business, etc., growth only occurs when you continually seek out knowledge and truth.

No matter what your profession or path in life, take a few moments to hear the message shared by Doc G, and the great questions asked by Bob and Chad, Co-Hosts with the Win Make Give Podcast Network. You will be glad you did.


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