3 Opportunities for Living in Uncertainty

Most will attempt to move away from uncertainty, and here is why you might consider embracing it.

Uncertainty creates the opportunity to be more agile and resilient. It does not take long to find this happening in my family life. My children have lived through the impacts of the floods created by Harvey and other storms over the years, the inconsistency in an education created by the pandemic, the living in a not so normal world that has robbed them of experiences, yet the lack of uncertainty has also created an opportunity to be more agile and resilient. In a world of snowflakes, the experiences have made them tough. It surprises me, yet they’ve embraced operating in uncertainty. They are unbelievably resilient.

Uncertainty in the world of business provides the opportunity to prioritize your people. People in a world of certainty may excel in an area, yet when uncertainty arises, they may fall off. That doesn’t mean that it is necessary to get rid of them, and it may mean that if their role is repurposed, they might excel in another area that takes the entire business to a new and more successful place. The book, The Energy Bus, speaks at some level to this, pointing out that people may just be in the wrong seat on the bus. Take a look at your organization and see where changing roles or tasks might help maintain the talent acquired. 

Lastly, uncertainty can get you to be more decisive. I believe gone are the days of building long term plans. Our world is moving so fast and changing constantly that what works today can be different tomorrow. This uncertainty allows for creativity and taking decisive action. Uncertainty allows you to fail faster, and by failing faster make better adjustments based on what you’ve learned. 

Uncertainty is not a bad thing, and it might be something worth embracing whether facing life or business decisions. Uncertainty allows you to be more agile and resilient, it allows you to prioritize your people in business, and it spurs creativity and decisive action.



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