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About David Dunlap 

David Dunlap is the Principal Broker and has launched REAL, a technology powered real estate company, in Arkansas. In addition to his brokerage responsibilities, David also provides professional real estate services for home buyers, home sellers, and real estate investors. His goal extends beyond the realm of the transaction with a personal goal to create lifelong relationships with his clients. Integrity and client satisfaction are the root drivers of how David chooses to operate as a real estate professional. 

David specializes in luxury, riverfront and lake homes, condos, acreage, lots, working with military and corporate relocations, foreclosures, and investment properties. The counties in which David services include: Pulaski, Saline, Faulkner, and Garland (about a 60 mile radius around Little Rock, Arkansas). 

David's love of helping real estate agents succeed and his clients achieve the dream of homeownership is rooted in his 'BIG Why' outside of business. David's 'BIG Why' is his wife, Julie, his sons and grandkids, and his family. Outside of real estate lies an even greater passion for David. He and his wife recently lauched The Gathering; a Faith-based group that comes together to fellowship and celebrate the goodness of God.

Whether you're looking to start a real estate career with REAL, thinking about buying, selling, or investing in Arkansas real estate, or you have a desire to learn more about The Gathering, connect with David either by phone or text at 501-940-2080.

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Episode Transcription

Intro Outro00:02

Welcome to the Survive Scale Soar podcast. Hear and learn through the success of others, and how to build the life and business you deserve. Learn to overcome failure, and what it means to seek out to become the best possible version of yourself. And now here's your host, coach, entrepreneur, husband, and father, and author of the number one bestselling book, Survive Scale Soar, Jeremy Williams.

Jeremy Williams00:33

And welcome back. This is Jeremy Williams and you're tuning into the Survive Scale Soar podcast. The podcast for the entrepreneur built by entrepreneurs. Today I'll be joined by David Dunlap, Principal Broker for REAL, a tech powered real estate company. David shares how real changes have happened both in his life and his business.

Before we get started with our guests, a quick reminder of today's episode moves you, makes you think differently, or you know it may help someone be sure to share it. And David, welcome to the show. How are you doing today?

David Dunlap01:06

Hey Jeremy. I'm great. Thanks. How are you?

Jeremy Williams01:08

How's the weather in Little Rock Arkansas today?

David Dunlap01:11

It is cloudy and it feels nice outside.

Jeremy Williams01:16

I've known you for a while now, and I'm so excited about having you on the show today because there's been a lot of change that has happened in your life, and I want to dive into that today. I want to start out you're the principal broker now of REAL in Arkansas.

David Dunlap01:38

Correct? Yes. So we launched a little over three weeks ago now.

Jeremy Williams01:41

Great. So we're going to dive into that, and I want people to know how they can reach out to you. If they have questions specifically about that, yet the title of this episode is Real Change Happens, and I've seen a lot of change in you.

We've had some great conversations over the last year, and I think the audience hearing this today can realize that real change can happen for them too. Take me back to when all this started happening, and tell me a little bit of your story. I think people, if they understood your story could see where the change took place.

David Dunlap02:20

Yeah. Thanks Jeremy. I appreciate that. I woke up August 8th of last year, and I was actually sick. I didn't feel well. I did not realize that I had a gallbladder issue, and I was sick throughout that day. It had sort of been a rough week. And, that evening I knew I needed to take care of something.

What happened to me? I knew I needed to fix the situation knowing I was going to jump on a phone call later with someone that would involve what I was in hope of fixing. God reached down that night and fixed me completely and unexpectedly. Just me and Him in my living room.

Jeremy Williams03:07

Whoa! We're having a business conversation and we are talking about God.

David Dunlap03:12

Goodness. Hey, Jeremy, you asked the question.

Jeremy Williams03:14

God met you on August 8th. What happened? 

David Dunlap03:23

I was expecting a phone call to come through that evening. It was always on FaceTime.

When the call came through, I could tell that the other individual had been thinking about some things, sort of a sad face, not knowing how the conversation was going to go.

I had made a comment to them that I would listen to them, hear them out, and I would not interrupt them. As soon as I saw their face, I could tell that they had been upset. It was like God literally spoke to me and said, “David, be obedient to what you said you were going to do because I'm about to do a work in you that you asked me to do in you a long time ago.

Jeremy. I had prayed a long time ago that if God was going to do a work in my life, and that he was going to have to be the one to do it because I had failed myself. I had failed my family. I had failed my friends. I failed my kids. I failed everybody.

That night, He reached down in love and rescued me from where I was at that time in my life. Completely unexpected. I had prepared about three or four pages of notes on legal paper to easily reference placed on my table. As soon as I heard Him speak those words to me, I moved my notes aside knowing that I would never cover anything on those notes.

We spoke for about 45 minutes or so. It was a great phone call. We let each other know how we felt and what was going on. Honestly, it was a cleansing phone call. It was a washing phone call and three to five minutes after getting off the phone, I literally stood up in my living room and raised my hands. I thanked God for what he had done in my life. In that moment, my transformation from a past life to a new life was immediate.

It was right then I knew it. It’s like you could hear the chains drop on a hardwood floor, I felt the bondage of my sin that I was living in. I felt that bondage drop like chains dropped to the floor. Just like that.

Jeremy Williams05:57

There was obviously an immediate change, and it's amazing how God can do that.

He can change something in an instant, which happened there in that room yet, there was also additional change to come.

David Dunlap06:14

Yes. Oh my goodness. The change that has come in time. Every day I literally wake up with my gut on fire for a passion to do ministry. I was called to the ministry when I was a teenager.

I had not gone forth with it. My wife and I, at that time, had launched a ministry, and some things happened causing the ministry to go to the side. It was put on hold for 20 years. I wake up every morning with a desire, literally a gut wrenching desire, like a fire in the pit of my gut for a ministry to help others.

This is a dark world that we're living in, and I feel like I have a story to share with others that lets them know there is hope. There is salvation. There is redemption. There truly is a God that loves us. However, we all know that He gives us a choice. He gives us a choice to make our decisions.

He's a gentleman and He has no respect for a person. So my story to others is what He has done for me and my life, He can do anything for anyone in their life. It may not be the same way. God does work in ways that we don't understand just like that evening. I didn't understand how God did what He did, the way He did it, and when He did it.

But all I know is that He did it, and that's what I stand upon. I stand upon the promises of the Word. I'm a guy that believes the Bible from Genesis to Revelations; every word spoken. I believe that there is no contradiction, and I am now in alignment with Him and the Word. Honestly, I can't get enough of it.

Jeremy Williams07:54

You've had some changes in your business world, and I want to first start with the ministry said you had . You had said that you put that off for 20 years, and I know you recently launched something called The Gathering. Tell me about that and what inspired you to launch and pour your life into this ministry?

David Dunlap08:18

I was introduced to a couple, Ryan Kennedy and Charity Gayle. Ryan Kennedy has put together what is called GatherHouse. It's based out of Houston. I began listening to some of their Worship services on YouTube, and then I was introduced to a church in Houston called Church of Champions.

I made some connections and ended up meeting them. What GatherHouse meant to him prompted something within me. The reason it prompted something in me is because here in our area, I felt like I couldn't find services to attend on Sundays.

For example, there are fewer churches because of COVID offering Sunday and Wednesday evening services. I was trying to find everything that I could online to watch. When I understood what GatherHouse was like, I knew we could use something similar to this in Little Rock to help others.

If someone doesn’t have a place to go to church, or they've been church hurt, people love small intimate gatherings. What we have done is launched The Gathering. We started in November with around four people, and now we're running 20 people on average. What's interesting is that it's growing.

It’s like going to church. You have folks that are not always there, and if everyone was in attendance we would have nearly 30 in our home..

Jeremy Williams10:07

That's awesome. I heard something there that you’ve said, and we’ve talked about before outside this conversation. It made me think. You’re in Little Rock, Arkansas, correct?

The people you're plugging into and got connected with that helped spring the fire to develop this ministry, they're in Houston. There is a lesson here that sometimes you've got to go outside of what you're comfortable with to find the things that you truly need. 

David Dunlap10:39

Yes, absolutely.

Jeremy Williams10:42

Now that the ministry is going, you're working on a business to fund this ministry. I know that's important to you to be able to grow this and to reach more and more people. Let's go to the business side. You were previously with another brokerage, and you had a lot of success in developing it.

You were the principal broker for the state of Arkansas launching the previous brokerage. What made you make the decision to accept the new opportunity with REAL. Is REAL in alignment with some things that maybe the world doesn't necessarily understand?

David, is it your relationship with God and the conversations you're having, that you knew this was the perfect fit?

David Dunlap11:29

Yes. It definitely was a process for sure. I went back and forth on it. The opportunity to launch REAL for the state of Arkansas was presented last year. It wasn’t a pressured opportunity.

I was in conversation with a dear friend of mine, Kimberly Ryan out of Arizona. She had shared a little bit about REAL with me, and I told her no several times. I had an opportunity to visit with her and her husband in Phoenix last Fall. During that time, she never brought up the opportunity.

I ended up bringing it back up to her. I wanted to know and understand a little more about REAL. We had an amazing conversation that evening, and it led to me thinking more about the opportunity. I did go back and forth numerous times, and my wife and I started praying about it. Our answer came from prayer.

I felt like I needed to be in alignment. It was, and this might be the last piece to me being aligned with some, with the changes that had come forth from August 8th something new. I was looking at where I was with my previous brokerage, and where I would need to be to have things let's say equal with what they were.

I was going to put forth the same amount of work, effort and energy, whether it be with another brokerage or with my previous brokerage. The more I thought about that and looked at the numbers, the numbers worked for me. The decision was about me and my family, and it was about alignment. It was about doing the right thing.

This is a great model. It's a secondary model to my previous model. I thought it would be a great way to introduce this again, another model, similar to my previous model, into the state of Arkansas, and to jump into it sharing the story with real estate agents. 

Thinking about doing another brokerage on a Sunday morning, I was getting ready for church and praying. I'm like, God, okay, seriously if this is what you want us to do, how do we do this? The answer came quickly, and I heard it immediately. The Answer: David, how did you launch and work your previous brokerage?

I'm like, okay, well that's easy. One by one. He said that's how you do this. From that point on, I've used the tagline, “each one reach one”. So that's really what we're doing is we're reaching out via social media, phone, et cetera. People are reaching out to me. I have more calls, texts, and messages through social media coming into me than I can handle.

I'm responding to those needs. I'm sharing my story of what God has done for me in my life. I'm also now tying it together with a REAL real estate adventure. If it's the right fit for an agent,  come on a board and let's build this together. The great thing about working with REAL in the state of Arkansas, is I’ve already proven I can build as I did with my former brokerage.

Now it's me. We've got a handful of agents already. We have between 40 and 50 agents that have quickly jumped on board within the last three weeks. We're all building this together. “Each one reach one”, we're building this together, and we're forming a new community. We're forming a new community out of the ministry with The Gathering.

That is a new community that we're building. We're forming a new real estate community within our industry here in Arkansas.

Jeremy Williams15:28

That's amazing how you’re building it together helping one another. Before we get into how people can reach you, let’s get to the topic of this episode: Real Change Happens

Somebody is listening today to this episode, whether they are in the real estate industry, a small business owner, or they work in the corporate world, and they're thinking, gosh, you know, this change happened for David and it was huge and it led to great and exciting things.

Thoughts arise like do I deserve that, or how do I have that real change? What would you say to those people listening today?

David Dunlap16:18

My first thought is God is no respecter of persons, as I mentioned earlier, and what He has done for me in my life, He can and will be able to do exceedingly abundantly above all we can ask or think.

Regardless of what it is, it could be a family situation, a personal relationship situation with a friend, a spouse, a loved one, or it could be a work relationship, all you have to do is ask Him. My message really is of hope. There is hope for this world. There's hope for the lost.

There's even a new way of doing real estate today with these types of models. There is some financial freedom involved, and it's not for everyone. However, if you take hold of these models, and you work them and you put forth the effort and energy, and you share from your heart passionately, I think people will experience financial freedom.

I was reminded a couple of weeks ago that I wasn't there for some folks with my previous company. They were absolutely right. I wasn't, and it was about me. It was about myself.

I’m trying to word this correctly. I signed up for freedom for myself. Today I have signed up to do REAL to show others that there is freedom now. I was not in alignment with my previous company. I am in alignment with my brokerage now, and this really was a prayer answered for me. It was definitely an alignment thing with the folks that I run with.

Yeah, that's a tough question. I feel like I'm stumbling around with that, but I want to get my point across and not in a negative way.

Jeremy Williams18:21

No, I appreciate that. I know you still have respect and relationships with those in your previous brokerage.

Again, its what is in alignment for you.

David Dunlap18:32

They don't understand that, and they don't get that, and it doesn't matter. If I push out a social media post sharing why, not everyone reads all of our posts, and we try to do the best that we can do with what we have to work with.

It doesn't matter how hard any of us try at doing something, we can do our best, but it can always be misinterpreted, misread, or misunderstood. There's always an opinion, and I'm okay with that.

Jeremy Williams19:01

Yeah. I shared something the other day with my audience through social media. You know the plans God has for ourselves, the world doesn't necessarily understand.

It might not even make sense to them. It might be completely counterintuitive to them, but that's okay because it's God's plan for you and not for them. I think we can stand in that truth and just realize and understand that. If more people would realize this, I think there wouldn't necessarily be the hurt feelings that might exist, and it's about the God that we serve.

David Dunlap19:38

Right, and for me that's the bottom line.

Jeremy Williams19:42

Awesome. IIf somebody has an interest and they want to learn more about REALl, or they want to learn more about The Gathering in Little Rock, Arkansas, how does somebody reach out to you?

David Dunlap19:57

(501) 940-2080. Feel free to send me a text. I'll respond quickly. Call me, and if I don’t answer, leave a message. I'll return your call as quickly as possible. You can also find me on social media.

Jeremy Williams20:13

You're definitely active there. Learn more about David's story on social media. He does a great job at sharing it.

David’s story is an example that real change is possible. David, one more time, if somebody wants to reach out to you, where do they call? Where do they text?

David Dunlap20:32

Yes, (501) 940-2080

Jeremy Williams20:38

Awesome. David, thank you for being on the show today. I know somebody out there is going to hear this and it is going to start that process for them to be able to have that change in their life that you're experiencing.

I know the people that you're impacting through REAL, and the people that you're impacting through The Gathering. More importantly is witnessing the people that you're impacting day to day, your family, your friends, your spouse, and even people like me. I know they're very appreciative of having that relationship with you.

Thank you again, David.

David Dunlap21:10

Thanks Jeremy. I appreciate it. Thanks for your time this morning.

Intro Outro21:16

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