Finding Clarity Through Action with Real Estate Coach Jeremy Williams - EP0017 - Episode Drop Date: May 20th, 2022

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[00:00:00] Intro/Outro: Welcome to the Survive Scale Soar podcast, hear and learn through the success of others, how to build the life and business you deserve. Learn how to overcome failure, what it means to seek out how to become the best possible version of yourself. And now here's your host, Coach, Entrepreneur, Husband, and Father, and Author of the number one bestselling book, Survive Scale Soar, Jeremy Williams.

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Jeremy Williams: [00:01:13] Hey, welcome back. It's Jeremy Williams, your host of the Survive Scale Soar podcast, and today I'm really excited to talk with my audience about a different direction that I'm going to be taking the podcast. Before I get into that, I want to thank my audience. I've received so many messages and comments, support and love for what I've been able to bring to the audience to help them be successful both in business and life. I've had some amazing guests like Mike Fallat, Tony Watley, Tony Vans, and the list goes on and on; truly some amazing people that have done great things in life and business that were willing to share their experiences with you.

[00:01:58] So the direction that I'm going to take after [00:02:00] doing all these interviews, I realized I haven't had the chance to share with my audience what I know and how I can help them. And on the podcast, moving forward, I'm going to have an occasional guest and they are going to be an amazing guest. You'll want to make sure to check in.

[00:02:17] I'm going to take the next several episodes and focus on sharing with you what I've been through, the experiences I've had, the failures, all the different things that have taken place that led me to last year, writing a book called Survive Scale Soar which shares my experiences and the experiences shared by others to come up with Seven Success Strategies that will change your life and your business.

[00:02:47] Where did I get started? How did I build this coaching program? I get that question a lot. It didn't start just with coaching. It started for me back in 2004, and even before that, I came [00:03:00] out of Texas A&M having graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology and a minor in Business Administration.

[00:03:08] Like most people that go to college, they may apply their degree to some extent or completely do something different. I don't discredit that. I did spend a couple of years with the YMCA of Greater Houston. I ran their sports programs for youth and adults, and I also helped to manage the weight room at the facility. Back in 2004, my wife and I had been married and we were buying our first home.

[00:03:36] We met an agent named Earl Hale. He's an agent with Keller Williams Realty Northeast here in Kingwood, Texas. He had helped my in-laws with their purchase, and we were referred to him. He helped us buy our first home in a neighborhood called Summerwood located in Northeast Houston. It was our first home.

[00:03:58] We were excited about it, [00:04:00] nervous about it, and scared, and Earl was great throughout the process. He helped us really understand what we were walking into, what the expectations were, and he helped us through the negotiations, and he helped us line up everything for the move-in. He made it a really great process.

[00:04:18] At the end of the transaction, he had made a comment to me that said, Hey, Jeremy, you know, I think you would make a great real estate agent. Now at this time, I'm 24 years old and just got married. For me, starting a business was new and scary, but I come from a family of entrepreneurs.

[00:04:39] My dad's an entrepreneur. He was a Master Plumber for many years. My grandfather was a business owner as well. I come from a family that values entrepreneurship at a very high level. I did what anybody would do that has the entrepreneurial mind, and I said, sure, I'll do it. [00:05:00] A couple of months after that conversation, I was practicing real estate at the age of 24.

[00:05:08] Now at that time, being 24 and the real estate industry was not common. Most of the people in the brokerage that I worked at would call me kid, the child, the young guy, or the young man. I wasn't necessarily seen as an equal. I saw my advantage right away. The average age, probably at that time, was about 55 years old in the industry.

[00:05:36] So I'm skewing the average age of the brokerage big time when I joined this office. I knew my advantage was I had a fairly good concept of technology, and I had a solid work ethic. I knew I could run circles around those that discounted me for my age. People ask what type of clients would trust the 24 year old?

[00:05:59] I worked [00:06:00] with executives, top managers,  and a CEO. You know what I found is that when a consumer hires a real estate agent to either buy or sell a home, they're looking for somebody that's going to be trustworthy and loyal to them throughout the transaction, and helpful in all the things. That’s what Earl Hale had provided my wife and I when we bought our first home.

[00:06:23] I essentially mimicked that and I used the skills that I developed including the things that I learned in college, and I used my youth as an advantage, as opposed to a disadvantage that most other people might've seen. I built a successful real estate business. I built it over a period of time from 2004 to 2010. I was getting into some leadership opportunities, volunteer opportunities with Keller Williams.

[00:06:51] They call it the Agent Leadership Council. I was starting to be seen as a leader in the office. I had the opportunity in 2010 to [00:07:00] be an Assistant Team Leader with another brokerage across town. It was a Keller Williams office, a large one; Keller Williams Memorial. I worked there for a couple years building that company through recruiting.

[00:07:13] That was when I was introduced to Productivity Coaching for Real Estate Agents. My coaching career actually started back in 2010 when I stepped into that leadership role with Keller Williams Memorial.

[00:07:33] I was there for a couple of years, and then I moved to an office in The Woodlands, Texas with Keller Williams. There were about 250 agents at the time I started, and by the time I left, I was able to help that office grow to over 400 agents. It was one of the first companies with Keller Williams nationally to cross 1 Billion in annual sales.

[00:07:55] From there. I moved back to the office where I originally started in Kingwood, Texas, and I continued to grow that office. Three years later, I had an opportunity to work with a Real Estate expansion team with Keller Williams based out of Portland, Oregon. They needed somebody to run their teams in Texas.

[00:08:19] So I did that for about six months, and ran into some struggles there with the organization being new. I always remember it being talked about like an airplane that was duct taped together. The concept was so new to the industry that we were figuring out all the challenges as we went along yet, the biggest challenge for me was being hit by Harvey.

[00:08:42] Hurricane Harvey actually hit South Texas and then it kind of spun around Texas and eventually came and just sat over the top of Kingwood, Texas. Where I live, it dumped about 52 inches of rain. I'd say 10 to 15% of our real estate market was flooded [00:09:00] with anywhere from three feet to eight feet of water.

[00:09:03] You can imagine what challenges that would put on a team that was newly formed, and in an area that was greatly impacted by a natural weather event. At that point, I had to make a choice to either go back and start to regrow that, look at Team Leader opportunities or whatever, but I kept coming back to my true passion of coaching real estate agents. .

[00:09:30] I realized I wanted to be able to coach real estate agents, but not necessarily be restricted to the real estate industry. I wanted to be able to coach other small business owners as well. Yes, the primary focus in my business is about 80, 85% real estate agents. I made a BIG decision in 2017; it was the month of September to strike out and build Red Hawk Coaching.

[00:09:56] It's grown over the years. I'm in my fifth year of business, [00:10:00] and it's highly successful. I've got amazing, amazing clients that are doing amazing things. These are the Top 1%. of real estate agents in the country. That's the other thing too, is I am no longer a local business. Thanks to COVID, which helped spur this along quicker, I now coach agents all across the United States.

[00:10:20] I’ve been very blessed with the opportunity to be able to help hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of small business owners succeed in both business and life. 

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[00:11:08] Again, that's

[00:11:26] Jeremy Williams: The message I'd like to share with the audience today comes from one of my success strategies in the book, Survive Scale Soar, and that is clarity. Some of the greatest clarity you're ever going to have in your business is when you take action. Now I'm not talking about perfect action. In fact, that's the enemy of greatness; seeking out to only take action that is perfect.

[00:11:51] What I want you to do is just to take action. Now, I'm going to relate it to my audience, which is going to be [00:12:00] primarily Real Estate Agents, yet this applies to any business. If you know that going out and meeting people is important to being a real estate agent because it is a relationship based business. Then go meet people.

[00:12:13] People have to know that you're in real estate, and you have to ask them the question, who do you know that's thinking about buying, selling, or investing in real estate? You can't be the secret agent. If you know that you've got to go out and meet and talk to people, or be on the phone and talk to people and be able to build those relationships and ask for the business, then just go.

[00:12:37] Don't over plan it. I see people say “I;ve got to have a plan in place”, or they say, “I'm going to start this next week”. I've got these things I need to get done. They're in total avoidance of the one thing they know that they have to go out and do. It's not going to be perfect. You might make some mistakes, yet from those mistakes you're going to learn and you're going to get [00:13:00] better.

[00:13:00] Who knows? Somebody might say “YES”. When somebody says yes, and you find that you're getting results from the actions that you're taking, it's going to give you greater clarity on what you need to be doing in your business every single day. You will get better over time. You have to be consistent.

[00:13:20] You have to be intentional, and most importantly, you have to be in action. I hear so many times from individuals and it’s all over social media in the big real estate groups complaining about what's happening in the market, or it's challenging … you know, homes aren't staying on the market very long, or they're losing out in multiple offer situations.

[00:13:47] Instead of taking action, they rather spend the time on social media complaining. Okay. If that's happening, then take the actions necessary to go find those that are ready, willing, and able. They're out there. [00:14:00] You know what the difference is between those that coach with me and those that don't, or don't have a coach, is oftentimes mindset.

[00:14:07] It's the age old question of is the glass half empty, or is the glass half full. Both have the same amount of water, same glass, yet different perspectives, which lead to different outcomes, different results. When you're coaching with me and we're coaching on mindset, we're looking at a challenging market like today, not as a challenge yet an opportunity market, it's an opportunity to grow your business.

[00:14:34] When I go back to 2008 to 2010, the bubble popped in the financial markets and it caused a meltdown. A lot of people ran. I didn't know any different because remember I came back in and started in 2004.

[00:15:00] I looked at it as an opportunity market. I grew during that time, while a lot of others retracted and ran to the sidelines. It was too hard, or they kept doing the same things that had worked before, yet they didn't work in this market. They chose not to pivot. What I did was take action. It wasn't perfect action.

[00:15:23] It didn't mean that I failed. I failed. Guys that's what you should really want, you want to fail. You want to learn to fail faster because in those failures come learning opportunities so that you can progress in both business and life. You've got to fail. You can't be afraid of it. Oftentimes people don’t progress because they are afraid of failure.

[00:15:45] Sometimes it could be on the other side too, and that they're fearful of success. They're fearful that they go knock on a door, introduce themselves, ask them if they're thinking about selling their house, and they say, “yes, what's the next step?” This happens. Fear can cloud our ability to have clarity.

[00:16:06] Today I want you to take and process this, and I'd love to hear from you. If you reach out to me, you can find me on Facebook and Instagram. Shoot me an email at [email protected]. I want to know what you're doing to get more clarity in business, and I'm going to encourage you to take action as one of the ways to remedy and obtain more clarity. Take action in your business.

[00:16:34] I hope you found this helpful. I look forward to hearing from you, and I look forward to the opportunity of being able to share with you in a more intimate way. I want to share with you what I’ve learned that I know can help you be successful. If you found this to be helpful, share it with somebody and let it be helpful for them too. Have a great day.

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