Achieving Personal And Financial Growth With Christopher Manske - EP0089
Episode Drop Date - December 27th, 2023

Christopher Manske, CFP® is on a mission to improve finance for everyone. A United States Military Academy graduate, he left the Army as a captain, joined Merrill Lynch, and grew his investment group so fast that he was selected to help create and deliver financial training nationwide. He founded Manske Wealth Management in 2012 and his firm has been repeatedly recognized by Financial Advisor Magazine as one of the nation’s largest investment firms.

In 2020, Chris published his first book The Prepared Investor, which guides investors as to what to do in a crisis. His second book, Outsmart the Money Magicians, recently published with McGraw Hill, warns investors not to allow what he calls “lifestyle creep” to impede wealth accumulation and explains how investors are often too focused on reducing their tax burden when they should be focused on accumulating wealth.

In 2023, Advisor Hub magazine listed Chris Manske as one of the fastest growing investment advisors in the country. Manske’s thoughts can be seen in The Wall Street Journal, Texas Monthly, Forbes, Yahoo! Finance, and many more. He’s been a keynote speaker for the AARP and his team has addressed many major companies like Microsoft, IBM, Exxon, Boeing, and GE.

For over twenty years, he’s been married to a Texas Aggie named Jessica and together they raise four daughters.

Christopher Manske

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Houston, Texas

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Manske Wealth Management, Founder and Owner

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The Prepared Investor -

Outsmart the Money Magicians -


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