A Passion Project with Global Impact with Jess Cushenberry - EP0088
Episode Drop Date -Ā December 22nd, 2023

Jess chose a career path which combined her passion of helping people with her passion for exercise. She attained her exercise science degree from the University of Georgia. She has over 20 years helping people achieve optimal health. She is also a speaker about fitness, nutrition and general wellness.

She helps people navigate the confusing information on nutrition to find a balance of health and daily life. She created a unique program, 6 weeks to transformation to make an impact on the declining health status of society.

Jess works with clients 1:1, and in groups. Her philosophy is to meet people where they are and mold a program around their goals AND personality. Taking the time to understand a person's background story is also a major key in unlocking and overcoming the yo-yo. This is the key to long lasting results.

Jess Cushenberry

City, State, Country
Atlanta, Georgia

Company Name & Position Title
Visionary Wellness, Owner

Book Title
'Journal to Wellness' - All profits go to benefit O.U.R. (Operation Underground Railroad) Rescue - https://www.amazon.com/Journal-Wellness-Gratitude-Inspiration-trafficking/dp/B0CQ2NHWP1


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