Ambulance Lights to Mortgage Heights with Jason Smith - EP0083 - Episode Drop Date: November 10th, 2023

I was born and raised in Centralia Washington, a small city between Seattle and Portland. I grew up a huge sports fan, in particular rooting for the Seahawks, Mariners and Sonics.

A few years after high school I joined my local fire department as a volunteer firefighter and was quickly promoted to resident firefighter. I loved full time in a fire station for over 3 years. During that time I became an EMT and then went to Paramedic school. After graduating paramedic School in 2009, I took my first paramedic job in Yuma Arizona. I packed everything I has into 2 cars and moved from Olympia Washington all the way down to the border town. For the next few years I lived and worked in the wild west of emergency medical services until catching a transfer and buying a home in the Phoenix area. I worked the next several years on an ambulance in Scottsdale Arizona. In November of 2015, I was in a major ambulance crash.. Many people were severely hurt with life altering injuries. At that time in my life I was struggling deeply with PTSD. A year or so after the crash, I received a settlement check. I decided I wanted to do something with the money to bring peace to my life. I purchased a crappy old van with the intention of just taking the van camping and getting out in nature. As I began to work on the van, a new vision was born and I decided I was going to do something crazy with the hopes of inspiring other around the country. I decided I was going to film a documentary about homeless and I was going to intentionally quit my job and walk in their shoes. For a year I built up the van into a small living space for 2 people, me and a camera man. I learned how to use a camara capturing both great audio and video. I learned how to fly a drone for arial footage and unique perspectives. On April 1st 2018, I officially was homeless and for the next 6 months, my sole purpose was to live only off the kindness of others. Each and every day I would panhandle to survive, use soup kitchens, homeless shelters and other resources to get by. I started on the side of the freeway with nothing but my van, my camera man and a sign and in 6 months time, was able to travel over 17,500 miles and to 42 states only on the kindness of others. With the funds I made, I used it for food if need be, gas and then helping others along the way. All the camera work was hidden with the goal of capturing people truly and genuinely giving. We had thousands of interactions with all walks of life all over the country. I interviewed homeless folk all over the US and brought light to their plight and storied. June of this year I was able to premier the film for the first time in Phoenix Arizona.

Now how Did I end up becoming a top 1% Loan officer? In January of 2020, I got a scam piece of mail advertising a refinance. My buddy was actually my loan officer, I called Him up to ask about the mail. He laughed and said lets take a look and see if we can actually refinance you to save some money. I was able to refinance and save! Shortly after he invited me to a client appreciation event. While there he asked why in the hell am I still working on an ambulance? Why am I subjecting myself to the worst of the worst! I had been on roughly 20,000 911 calls for help at that point. He invited me to take a look into becoming a LO and joining the team. I decided why not? I looked into the class, and signed up. About that time the world changed and COVID took over. All classes were cancelled and there I was with nothing again. I continued to work on an ambulance until online content became more readily available. Finally in august 2020, I was able to take the course and passed the first time. I was then hired by Fairway mortgage the following month to be a loan officer assistant and be in a support roll. I had no idea or clue about what I was doing and just tried my best to drum up business. In my first month closing loan, I was able to close 12 deals for over 2.5M! my boss and partners quickly realized I wasn’t meant to be an assistant. After my first year I had closed over 25M and have continued to improve sine then! Im 3 year into the business and have closed around $75M.

Jason Smith

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