Winning as an Indie Broker with Katie Cooper - Episode Drop Date: March 23rd, 2023

Katie Cooper, Broker & Founder of The Home Sweet Home Real Estate Group

Show me a picture of a home in this area and can probably narrow it down to which community it's in and maybe even a price range.  That's what 16 years of living real estate will do to you.  LOL.  

After working at three of the large real estate brands in the area and nation,  I realized I was craving something a little different.  I wanted to incorporate a model that was a bit different than others and what a blessing this journey has been.  We have a more team approached brokerage model with streamlined systems, shared approaches to our processes ~ which in turn makes the Realtor's job much easier.  We wear many hats in this business and it is overwhelming.  I've developed some processes that automate and guide the team more efficiently and in return our clients are happy with a more efficient transaction.  I love this role and how it has blessed my life.  We are such a fun group and I love, love, love the Realtors and friends I work with and our comradery.  

Real estate is complex,  built up of many moving components and my job as a broker is to manage, train, and guide my Realtors and our clients along the way.  Many brokers throw their Realtors out into the field with little to no direction.  I take a much more hands on approach and often talk with my agents multiple times a week about their files and any particular moving parts they may be struggling with.  Whether they have 5+ years in the industry or are just starting out, it is important for me to be there for them and our clients.  Our clients get an email from me during every transaction to make sure that they know I'm here for them if they have any questions.  It is not often you hear directly from a broker unless there is a problem.  

I grew up in the midwest, a coal miner's daughter.  Upon graduating I could not get out of my small town fast enough and Texas bound I was.  After graduating from Sam Houston State University, I had a professor that suggested I consider real estate school instead of my MBA.  He said "just try it for a year or two".  Well, that was 16 years ago and I could have never dreamed how much I would enjoy this career.  

We call Magnolia "home".  We have lived here since we purchased our starter home back in 2006 and just moved up within the area since.  We love this little area that has grown to be much bigger than we could have anticipated.  We are a fun family of five + 1 dog + 1 cat.   Our home sweet home is very peaceful as long as the teenager is in a good mood and the cat and dog do not cross paths.  LOL.  My husband and I also own Texas GenPro, it is a generator sales, installation, and service company for Generac whole home backup generators. 


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