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Julie Traxler has over 20 years’ experience working as a coach, consultant and holding various leadership positions within small, medium, and Fortune 500 companies. Julie went to school at Drexel University, is certified in project management, change management, leadership development, mergers & acquisitions, and business coaching. Julie’s areas of expertise include planning, execution, communications, team building, exit planning, leadership development, acquisition strategy, exit strategy, and change management. Julie also specializes in launching new businesses, hiring strategies, operational improvements, sales & marketing, and project execution.

Julie has a deep background in mergers and acquisitions, primarily spent on post-deal close acquisition integration. She has led M&A teams, and specializes in transitioning small businesses into their new parent companies

Julie is the co-host of the top-rated BizQuik podcast, and co-host of the weekly live national radio show Defeat the Chaos, on Voice America Business channel.

Learn more about how Julie can help you with the services provided by SB PACE and Certivium. Also pick up a copy of Best Selling book written by Julie Traxler and Corey Harris, Seriously? Now what? - A Small Business Guide to Disaster Preparedness, on Amazon.

Julie Traxler

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Seriously? Now What? - A Small Business Guid to Disaster Preparedness

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