Reflecting on Your Journey: Uncover Progress by Looking Back to Where You Started

Reflecting on Your Journey: Uncover Progress by Looking Back to Where You Started | Red Hawk Coaching Jeremy Williams Real Estate Small Business Coach

You will see progress if you take a look back to where you started.

The week of Southern California is coming to an end today. While it was an amazing time with lots of memories created, there is something to be said about going home.

Yesterday we went to Huntington Beach, our 4th beach of the week, nicknamed “Surf City USA”. While there, we walked the pier. You don’t realize how far these piers go out into the water until you reach the end. Looking back towards shore and where we had sat up our chairs, you could see how far we’d traveled from the shoreline.

Isn’t business just like walking out on a pier into the ocean. When you take a second to look back, it is then you’ve realized how far you’ve traveled. No matter where you’re at in your business today, take a moment to look back. I guarantee you’ve traveled a lot further out on the “business pier” than you give yourself credit. Whether it is growth in your business or personal development, you are further from the shore than you started.

Have some grace on yourself and give yourself credit where due. The only thing different about this pier is that it doesn’t have an end. Keep going!

Onward and Upward…

This post was inspired by our recent family vacation to Sourthern California. Learn more about this trip by visitng The Ultimate Guide to Family Fun in Southern California: Exploring the Golden Coast Together

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