Thankful For Embracing Internal Motivation

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Today I am thankful for where my motivation comes from now compared to where it once came from...let me explain.

I've been coaching real estate agents and small business owners since 2010, yet it was not until 2017 when I made the decision to go out on my own and launched Red Hawk Coaching. When I made that decision, there were individuals in my life that I trusted that called me out on making that decision. Things were said like:

That was a stupid decision.

You know that is going to be tough.

That just doesn't make sense Jeremy.

You're missing the opportunity here. (In other words, stay right where you are.)

Thus came the motivation with a chip on the shoulder. A motivation to prove individuals wrong. Did it work? Yes, though not a sustaining means of motivation. It was a starting point, yet empty. It was a story crafted in my mind to push myself harder than I've pushed myself before.

I hear "coaches" preach the "let the haters hate", and to use that as fuel to drive results. I initially fell for that approach. It's an empty approach that may sustain you temporarily, yet motivation at some point (and early on when building a successful business) better be driven by different thinking, and it better be internal and not external.

Within my first 6 months of launch, I knew motivation had to shift. It came after a conversation with a trusted friend that said essentially do you believe these individuals that lashed out against you for your decision to grow into a new opportunity sit around thinking about you? My answer was no. This friend responded with why then do you allow it to occupy your mind? Great question, and validation of the concept of change your thinking change your world.

From that day on, my motivation comes from inside of me. Quotes really don't inspire me, that is often why I share from my heart vs what others have said from the past. The feeling of watching my clients be successful by implementing based on our conversations is absolutely rewarding. Do I actually do the work for my clients? No, and claiming such is a takeaway from my clients do the work, and I get to participate as the spark to the flame.

Watching and celebrating others succeed is what drives me today. It is why I love what I do. That is a much different motivation than even three years ago when I started this journey.

"Haters going to hate" just is not relevant in my life today. To me it is just noise where the volume can be easily turned down. Success achieved by others and celebrating in that daily is what motivates me. As a business owner, I encourage you to look within. Find that motivation that burns inside, and go out and relentlessly pursue. Remember that external motivation is always fleeting.

If you happen to be seeking a coach to level up in your business, and this is the type of coaching you want in your life, I would welcome you to a conversation.

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