Social Media is Not the Place to Solve Disagreements

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Disagreements don't get solved on social media. In fact, engaging in disagreement on social media only furthers the gap that already existed between the two parties. In addition, engaging in disagreement only attracts other individuals to the person that carries the same values, thoughts, and belief systems thus creating a larger divide beyond the two that had the disagreement (a my camp and your camp scenario).

Why do I write this? As with everything I write, it reflects a personal experience or shared experience through coaching conversations that is a reminder, and at times, a learning experience.

What is the best way to resolve a disagreement? In my opinion, the best way to resolve a disagreement is to address it with that person directly, not on social media (you're not changing their mind), and in way that is respectful. Also it is okay to disagree.

If the person is not respectful about your side of the agreement, that's a blog post for another day.


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