Making Healthy Choices in Life Will Directly Impact the Success of Your Business

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What I’ve realized as I’ve aged (like a fine bourbon) is that working on my health takes more intention. Gone are the days of eating and not gaining a single lb. ⁣

Something I’ve discussed with other coaches and business owners over the years is the imbalance of pouring into others vs taking care of themselves. Travel, fast food, long hours, etc. can become a diversion from health unless you plan and schedule it. Days turn into weeks, weeks turn into months, and months into years. You wonder how your health has fallen off a cliff.⁣

I want to encourage you, one business owner to another, make health part of your plan. You can only serve others through your business to the extent your health allows you. Making this decision is making a lifestyle change. If you don’t do it for yourself, do it for those that love you.⁣

Today I put in 3.5 miles of cardio and burned over 750 calories in a little over 30 minutes. Lunch was a salad from Whataburger. Yes, there are healthy (healthier) options anywhere you go. The challenge to overcome is making the decision to change. It has to be something you want.⁣

I post this today for two reasons: (1) To document my journey to lose 100 lbs. (2) To inspire, even if it is one, someone(s) to elevate the importance and awareness of their personal health, to make a plan, and then take action.⁣

If you’re on a similar journey, raise your hand today. I want to cheer you on.

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