Lise Takeshima Parker Gets Expert Real Estate Services From Real Estate Coach Jeremy Williams

Lise Takeshima Parker NB Elite Realty Houston Texas Real Estate Specialist Hires Red Hawk Coaching Jeremy Williams Real Estate Coach

Lise Takeshima Parker, Real Estate Agent brokered by NB Elite Realty in Houston, Texas hires top Real Estate Coach Jeremy Williams, Head Coach and Owner of Red Hawk Coaching

Begin your Houston, Texas area home search today with Lise Takeshima Parker.

Whether buying a home, selling a home, or investing in real estate in the Greater Houston, Texas area, Lise can help you today.

Learn more about Lise Takeshima Parker

Hello Everyone! Glad to be here! My name is Lise Takeshima Parker.  I've been in the Real Estate game since 2008 buying, selling, renovating ugly houses while pursuing my HR career at Baker Hughes corporation.  In 2013, I got married and became a mom and decided to leave my HR career behind but I was still investing in real estate on the side.  It wasn't until 2019, that I decided to become a full time Realtor serving buyers and sellers.  I graduated from Washburn University in Kansas with a Business Administration and Marketing degree and I also earned an English degree from Christian University in Okinawa Japan.  I can speak, write and read fluently in Spanish, Japanese, and English.


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