What's the jalapeno in your business?

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I would like to share a personal experience that took place today. My son was out of school for teacher's in-service, and he asked me to take him to lunch at one of our local favorite Mexican food restaurants, Hacienda Palomas Mexican Restaurant. When we arrived, he asked if we could get a bowl of queso, and I said of course. (You don't go to a Mexican food restaurant in Texas and not order queso.) Like most Mexican food restaurants in Texas, the bowl of queso is also accompanied by a bowl of jalapenos. 

My son then asked, "Daddy, can I have a jalapeno?" Laughing inside and knowing the outcome of this decision, I said, "Yep." So my initial thoughts was that he would take a small bite to test the waters, and what happened next was the complete opposite. He shoved the jalapeno, seeds and all, into his mouth. It only took seconds, and then his face turned a feverish red, and sweat began to pour from every poor on his face.

It got me thinking about my coaching clients. When was the last time as a business owner, you tried the jalapeno? The jalapeno being a representation of something you would not normally do; something that stretched you beyond what is normally comfortable. So the next time you dive into your business, ask yourself this simple question, what's the jalapeno in my business? Now go and do that. Do something different today. Push yourself. Get uncomfortable. Eat the jalapeno!

The next time you're in Kingwood, Texas, stop by one of our personal favorites, Hacienda Palomas Mexican Restaurant. Ask for a bowl of jalapenos, or simply just order a bowl of queso.

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