Is a Storm Brewing in Your Business?

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Is a storm brewing in your business? That is a question I ponder often for those inside and outside my coaching program. In a world that is currently filled with a great deal of uncertainty, what I've noticed in large part is the number of business people that have taken their foot off the pedal.

Sure, band-aids have been provided through low interest and PPP loans (and that is if your business actually got them), and slogans like "flatten the curve", "not all heroes wear masks", and "we're all in this together" give a sense of everything is going to be okay. What is the reality? Is it really okay? Has your mindset and focus shifted from those things which are important that drive your business? If these questions are circulating in your thoughts, there just might be a storm brewing in your business?

Just like it takes time for a hurricane to develop and make landfall on the Gulf Coast of Texas, a storm brewing in your business might not show up immediately. Businesses don't typically fail overnight, and they typically fail from small failures happening consistently and daily over time. To the business owner it may seem overnight, and to the outside world, they've seen it coming for some time. Here are 3 things surfacing in conversations with business owners outside of my coaching program. Those coaching with me right now are thriving!

  1. I see a small portion of business owners that are continue to struggle over safety vs risk mitigation decisions on moving forward. This is obviously a very personal choice, and one that has clear divides right now in our society. At some point though a decision must be made because the business owner will run out of money or options to sustain. For those in a state that is dictating whether or not you can be open, that is a different topic (and I know a lot of great real estate agents to get you and your business to Texas).
  2. Lead generation, which all businesses need to survive, has been put on hold. Business owners are afraid to ask for the business when the services they are offering might be exactly what that person needs right now. Not asking will lead to not receiving leads. When your lead flow dies, your business dies. Stop being attached to the outcome of the ask. If they say "no" move on, and also realize it may just mean "no" right now.
  3. Procrastination is on an uptick right now. I hear things like "I will just wait until next month". The further the can is kicked down the road, the bigger the challenge will be in the future. Now is the time to stare it down, and to take ownership in the things you can control.  Procrastination is fatal to a business. The truth is more than likely the financial position of a business owner will not out live a business owner that makes procrastination a priority.

The mentioned above are telling signs of what is to come for business owners that are not taking actions daily despite the current circumstances. It is like the forecast of a Cat 5 hurricane and that person that does nothing to prepare and endure the storm. Yes, the business owner that is struggling has very little control over everything that is happening in our world today, yet they do have control over the following:

  1. The actions they take. If lead generation makes it rain on your business, make sure lead generation is on your schedule daily. You control that!
  2. What you focus on. You can turn on and off the TV. You can engage or not engage in social media conversations that aren't going to change the minds of anyone. You get to choose what you focus on in your world. Focus on moving your business forward. Focus on the relationships of those you love. You choose.
  3. Mindset. Everything starts with mindset. What are you doing to feed your mindset daily? Do you practice affirmations? Do you read scripture or meditate? How are you feeding your mind?
  4. Who do you surround yourself with? Find the business owners that aren't complaining. Find the business owners that are looking to adapt or change to not only survive rather to thrive in these times. Stop hanging with ducks and get with the eagles. You get to choose whether you're a duck or eagle.

Is weathering a storm that may be brewing in your business easy? No, and get over it, nothing is easy. It takes action to change your circumstances. The good news is that if you sense a storm is brewing, you can still take action. You can change the course. It comes down to you. No one is going to do it for you.

Be encouraged. Keep pressing on, and if your business is in that storm right now, reach out to me. I would love to see how I might be able to help you. Call me at 281-387-7689 or email [email protected].

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