"I Can't" and You're Right

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I can't do "x". Guess what you're right.

Whenever you start by saying you can't do something, you've already been defeated.

I can't make phone calls for my business because I don't know what to say.

I can't knock on doors because I'm afraid what they might say.

I can't get consistent with my social media posts for my business because I easily get distracted.

I can't get this one across the finish line because the negotiations are just too hard.

I can't....

As soon as you say you can't, you're establishing a roadblock. This roadblock will prevent you from the goals you're worthy of achieving. There are many reasons that can lead to "I can't" thinking, yet most often I find it is either the fear of failure, and more often than not, the fear of success. The fear of success???

Yes, the fear of success because you may be unsure what to do now...what's the next step...can your systems handle the new business that causing you to stretch.

If you're struggling with "I can't" thinking, it is exactly the reason why you should hire a coach. When we can get into conversations that switch "I can't" thinking to "I can" thinking, your world will change...BTW both in business and life. Connect with me to learn more.

Be an "I can" thinker today! Great things await on the other side of that type of thinking.


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