How to Level Up Your Real Estate Business and Get Your Time Back

Carol Trauthwein Northwoods Transaction Management Real Estate Agent Transaction Coordinators

Today, I would like to recognize this amazing person and business owner that I'm Blessed to coach. Carol Trauthwein is the CEO of Northwoods Transaction Management, a transaction coordination business for real estate agents in Texas. Carol and her transaction coordination team is not only helping real estate agents get their clients across the finish line, Northwoods Transaction Management is helping agents get time back in the lives.

What the general public doesn't know about the world of real estate agents, especially in Texas, is the amount of paperwork and administrative tasks that happens in the background of every single transaction. What Carol provides is a leverage opportunity on a per transaction basis to remove that work load off the real estate agent so they can focus on what they do best; sell!

If you're a Texas Real Estate Agents looking to level up your business by investing in leverage and focusing in on sales, connect with Carol today an ask her about her transaction management services for listings and buyers. You can reach Carol at 281-793-4380 or email [email protected].


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