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Conversation = Relationship

The book I am diving into this month is Fierce Conversations by Susan Scott. I've been fortunate enough over the years to have had the opportunity to take the Fierce Conversations workshop, and to spend a day with Susan Scott. I can tell you that if you want your mind expanded, spend some time with Susan Scott.



What I have gathered over the years is the unfortunate loss of the art of conversation. I see this in the world of business with the inability to solve problems through conversation, our political environment that is divisive, the polarization of online conversation not giving a #$%$ about how others might feel or think (I call this the "only about ME matters" movement), and I even find it in the lives of my children that are being raised in an age that is hyper-focused on achieving likes and comments on their social media posts.

The art of conversation is something I believe we all need to work on at some level. Conversation = Relationship

Susan Scott focuses on 4 key areas along with being authentic including: how conversations interrogate reality, how conversations provoke learning, how conversations can help us overcome our toughest challenges, and I think most importantly, how conversations enrich relationships (REAL relationships).

As a business owner, doesn't it sound refreshing to get into real conversations that build real relationships. What would it mean for your business? What would it mean for your personal enrichment of life? How would others perceive your authenticity?

Conversations matter. Asking great questions matters. Engaging others with confidence matters.

If you're looking to hire a coach that has these type of authentic conversations with you to help you break through to the next level, I invite you to connect. I would love to have a conversation with you that interrogates reality, provokes learning, helps you tackle your toughest challenges, and helps you to enrich the lives of your customers and clients (BTW - it will enrich your life too).

If you're reading this, and that soft quiet voice is saying, "This is what I know I need today", let's have a conversation. It is your subconscious telling your conscious that elevating your conversations will elevate your business. I know I can help you level up.


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