Experience Success By Getting Consistent

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I had someone reach out to me this week and asked why I’ve had success as a business owner. I don’t get that question often as I am usually in the role of asking the questions that change businesses and lives though I knew the answer immediately. Consistency.

Am I consistent in all things...no as I see myself as a work never to be finished, and I am consistent in helping people achieve their goals. Have I always had success? I would say no until I found the “secret sauce” which is consistency.

Where do I see most business owners fail? They lack consistency. Initially they may have all engines fired up, and then in time they taper off, fall off the horse, and they don’t get back on. When someone falls into inconsistency, I hear things like:

“Jeremy, you just don’t understand my life.”

“Jeremy, my situation is different.”

“Jeremy, if I only had what they had.”

“Jeremy, they’re just Blessed.”

Frankly, and you might not want to hear this if these questions are going through your head, they are excuses to justify the inconsistencies. In addition, if you don’t have people calling you on these thoughts, you’re hanging with the wrong people. Trust me. Having coached hundreds of business owners since 2010, we are all broken and have problems. It should not change the fact that you want to live out your best life starting even today by getting consistent in your activities to achieve your goals.

How do you stay consistent? It requires mental focus. How do you get mental focus? You must be present in the moment. Whatever you want to achieve, you’ve got to shut out the noise and be present in the very activities that will help you achieve your goal. If you’re not present in the moment, you will not be consistent.

How do you manage being consistent? You’ve got to have a schedule, and more importantly, you’ve got to follow that schedule. I’ve seen some of the most beautiful color coded calendars, and when asked about specific time blocks I get…”Oh, well I had ‘X’ come up so I didn’t get to that.” Am I perfect...no. Am I always working to get better in this area? Yes. It is a must.

So how do you become successful, you’ve got to get consistent. Think of the story of the Turtle and the Hare. The turtle wins why? The turtle was consistent and focused on the goal. 

Go be consistent today. Stop making excuses as you’re better than that, and I believe you’re better than that.


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