Unveiling the Secrets: Why Discreet Marketing Won't Boost Your Business

Unveiling the Secrets: Why Discreet Marketing Won't Boost Your Business | Red Hawk Coaching Jeremy Williams Real Estate Small Business Coach

Are you being discreet in marketing your business?

Based on a recommendation from our whale watching tour captain, we went to Shaw’s Cove in Laguna for the day. This beach was me nestled in a neighborhood just off the coastal highway. You parked in a residential neighborhood and walked to a discreet set of stairs that went between two private residences down to the beach.

If you weren’t looking for it, you wouldn’t find it. The cove was small with few people. I would say more locals than tourists. This discreet beach made for a great and quiet day.

Now while this discreet beach made for a great day for our family, is being discreet in the marketing of your business going to serve you well? No. If people have to hunt for your service or product, it is going to be difficult, more likely impossible to be successful.

Sure, you may stumble into a few transactions giving the falsehood and sense you’re doing the right thing. if you’re a business owner, you’ve got to market.

How do you market your business? That’s like me asking 20 people how to cook a perfect brisket? It depends…and where I’d start is identifying the perfect avatar of who would buy your service or product. Where are they spending their time? How do I capture their eyeballs? What is my budget dedicated to marketing? How can I best use those dollars to capture their attention?

Don’t be the “discreet beach” business, and if I can help you as a coach with 13 years experience in helping others soar, let’s have that conversation.

Onward and Upward and Not Discreet…

This post was inspired by our recent family vacation to Sourthern California. Learn more about this trip by visitng The Ultimate Guide to Family Fun in Southern California: Exploring the Golden Coast Together

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