Attitude is Everything

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"When you approach a task - especially an important one you don't relish - fix your mind on the facts, no on your feelings. Focus on the possibilities, not the problems. That will put your attitude on the right track. And if it starts on the right track, it's more likely to end up at the right destination." - John Maxwell's Today Matters

Attitude is everything. This does not mean everything that happens in life is going to be rainbows and roses, yet we can choose our attitude when it comes to dealing with a challenge. Dealing in facts and possibilities helps to avoid the mess of what comes from emotions and seeing everything as a problem.

When do you get to choose your attitude? I believe this happens as your feet hit the floor when getting out of bed each day. In that moment you can either have the attitude that it is going to be a great day, or that the world is out to get you. Which is more productive? While it seems obvious, so many choose the latter.

Start today choosing an attitude that will serve you and others better. It is a choice. Don't tell yourself that it is not, or that it is circumstantial. It is a choice. Again this does not mean rainbows and roses. It is a mindset; a growth hack.

Choose better today. You deserve it. Those around you deserve it. Attitude is everything.


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