All Waves Will Break and What You Do Next Matters

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Are you choosing to get back up on the wave, or are you settling with lying on the beach? 

Being a small business owner, like a surfer, the idea is to catch and ride the wave. Sometimes the ride can be longer than others, and ultimately that wave will break. A couple of things can impact the breaking of a wave. First it could be the wave runs out of energy. The second is something causes the wave to break like an underwater reef or the shoreline. The wave will break. 

In a small business, things can seem like they are on fire, and everything is hitting on all cylinders, and at some point like a wave, your business will experience a crash or setback. What you do following the "crashed wave" will determine what happens next. Here are the two options. 

  1. You choose to lie on the on the beach. Lying on the beach indicates you are ready to give up, or your choosing to live in the past experience of success. Wow, remember that wave I surfed, it was awesome. Either choice, lying on the beach is not going to move you forward.
  2. You pick up your board, and you get back to surfing the next wave. You choose to do something about your situation instead of living in the past success. You keep moving forward.

 Now here is the caveat. If you choose #2, which by the way is the better choice, you must realize that the next wave too shall break. You will be faced again with making a choice to get back up on the board, or lie on the beach watching others go after their waves. This is a process, and one that as a business owner, you should become familiar with because it will happen. 

I've experienced it over the years. I've caught many waves in my professional career that were awesome. I've experienced the breaks. I promise you the wave always breaks. What is choose to do next matters. 

Grab your board, and go catch a wave today. Make great choices when that wave does break. Pick up the board and go again. 


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