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Yesterday, my son and I attended the McDonald's Grand Opening in Kingwood, Texas. McDonald's had been impacted by the flood waters of Harvey in August of 2017, which required a complete tear down and rebuild of the site. The primary reason we attended is that McDonald's had a special guest to sign autographs, Nathan, owner of UnspeakableGaming. What I noticed looking through the eyes of a coach is the superb job of branding done by Nathan. (Checkout the UnspeakableGaming YouTube Channel) It got me asking the following questions about business owners.

  1. Does the business have a brand?
  2. What does the brand communicate to clients and customers?
  3. Does the business brand tell a story?
  4. When someone sees the brand, do they connect on an emotional level?
  5. How are business owners communicating their brand to a targeted audience?

If you're business does not have a brand, as a business coach I highly recommend developing one. Use your personalized brand to tell your story, and to connect with customers and clients. Build a brand, communicate your brand, and watch what happens to your business.



Logan had Nathan of UnspeakableGaming sign a McDonald's promotional frisbee.


The irony was not only the power of Nathan's brand, also what he signed, a promotional frisbee given away at the event with the McDonald's emblem and their tag line "i'm lovin' it". Even established businesses continue to tell their story through branding. If they are doing it, why not you?

Note: A correction in my video. UnspeakableGaming has nearly 7 Million subscribers on his YouTube Channel.

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